VOTING: Round 1 - Division 7

VOTING: Round 1 - Division 7

This is the voting thread for Round 1 - Division 7. Please vote for entries in this division only.

For reference, this is the base image:


Team Australia

Team Brazil 2

Team Hungary 11

Team Italy 1

Team Poland 4

Did not submit:
Team Asia 1
Team Bulgaria 5
Team Hungary 7
Team Italy 5
Team Romania 1
Team Turkey 5

Please click each image to view the HIGH RESOLUTION version.


You are reminded to check the rules of voting listed in the Official Rules of the competition


- This year we will only be asking you to place your top three chops in order of preference. Please do your best to vote unbiased toward team members and their country of origin. Posts that do not include constructive feedback (i.e. why you like / dislike the chop) will not be counted.

Vote in the following format:

- 3 points = Team Non-Desert (Given to the best entry)
Followed by a brief (or extensive) critique

- 2 points = Team Nicaragua 4 (Given to the second best entry)
Followed by a brief (or extensive) critique

- 1 point = Team Greenland 7 (Given to the third best entry)
Followed by a brief (or extensive) critique

The TOP 3 voted entries from this division will progress to Round 2.

Voting will close on Monday 23rd April, 2pm GMT+10 (4am GMT)
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puszka321 wrote:
please video xD
MK211 wrote:
I really like the nos coming out of the rims
hardest group i think ;)
3p - Team Brazil 2 (WOW-design, never seen before!)
2p - Team Australia (excelent brush und nice bg)
1p - Team Poland 4 (nice bg and brush too, nice color ;) )
3p - team Brazil 2 (amazing I dont words to describe)
2p - team Australia (i love the desgin)
1p - team Poland 4 (good design and good brush and color)
WOW, mates! That chops!

3p -- Team Australia: WOW!!! :omg: There aren't any words for this incredibly beautiful chop...
2p -- Team Poland 4: it's almost beautiful as te car of the Australia team, but.. I has convinced me more of the car Klaus and J_HUI...
1p -- Team Hungary 11: i love your kit and your brush, but the BG isn't cool, and the car is little off, and... where's the stock? It's too different respect the stock... But however I love it...
FLICKR --->[email protected]/
3 points - Team Hungary 11 - superb design and brush. that interior is sick! :D

2 points - Team Australia! wow , what a great chop.. i never thought that Hui and Klaus can make this. ahaha kidding

1 point - Team Poland 4 - This really surprise.. great reflections.. master brush :D
3 - team australia (i like color and background)
2 - team poland 4 (style and atmosphere)
1 - team hungary 11 (best realism but the f12?)
3p - Team Poland 4 - nice brush
2p - Team Australia - nice ambientation
1p - Team Hungary 11 - nice concept
3pts - Team Brazil 2 - Great work,mp4-12c bumper fits awesome,I like the carbon parts.
2pts - Poland 4 - Toony work,but with alot of style and details.
1pt - Hungary 11 - Tha car looks short,but it have good design.
3p - Team Brazil 2 cool idea and great design
2p - Team Poland 4 good design and very nice brush
1p - Team Australia very good execution and design
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3 p ---> Hungary 11 (nice brush...and great refs)
2 p --->Australia (great chop..nice ambientation)
1 p ---> Poland 4 (best third chop...nice rims )
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