3 points - Team Poland 4 (amazing color, nice bg, and beautiful bodykit)
2 points - Team Australia (Great color and body, but dont't like wheels)
1 point - Team Brazil 2 ( Amazing color and design, but don't look like ferrari anymore )
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3pts - Team Poland 4 : Awesome chop, i like it a lot, but i think the roll cage should have been yellow to match the emblems and such..

2pts - Team Hungary 11 : Nice design and color, the thing that bothers me is the bad aligning : front bumper:sideskirt

1pts - Team Brazil 2 :
incredible work, but for me this has nothing to do with a ferarri.. too much transformations
3p-Team Poland 4
2p-Team Australia
1p-Team Brazil 2
3p - Team Hungary 11 - great atmophere, great brush, awesome concept design :-d
2p - Team Poland 4- very nice bodykit i like it, brushsh is very good
1p - Team Australia - cose missing rear bumper :P , great idea great brush xD
3p - team brazil 2 (epic concept! it speaks for itself)
2p - team hungary 11 (as above :P)
1p - team australia (great design and atmosphere)
- 3 points = Team Australia
Great work, and normal, clean racecar design, realistic, thats what i prefer, great job mates :-d

- 2 points = Team Brazil 2
Woah ! Thats some concept, great idea, sexy body, and awesome brush :D

- 1 point = Team Poland 4
Nice body, and brush, that color really suits car, gj
3pt - Team Hungary 11: the best chop in this round! Amazing!

2pt - Team Australia: Nice atmosphere e racing feeling.

1pt - Team Brazil 2: Great paint job but the color is not my favorite.
3 pnt - Team Australia - nice race car
2 pnt -Team Poland 4 - very good reflex
1 pnt - Hungary 11 - excellent concept
3 pts - team Hungary 11 (Another awesome chop on this round)
2 pts - team Australia (another very nice car, nice design, colors, atmosphere)
1 pts - team Poland 4 (Nice design and execution)
3pts Team Australia nice kit and beautiful setting, the also excellent brush.
2pts Team Poland 4 nice background kit is well suited to self
1pt Team Brazil 2 The brush is very well done pity that you twisted the lines of the car.
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