This is the best division congratz to all of u guys, but I have to choose only 3 teams :/
Team Australia - 3 points - u made the biggest progress since wtb 2011.
Team Hungary 11 - 2 points
Team Brazil 2 - 1 point
Supra in progress:
Team Brazil 2 - 3p
Team Hungary 11 - 2p
Team Australia - 1p
3p - team brazil 2 - just great chop looks like a concept
2p - team hungary 11 - love the front bumper
1p - team australia - nice chop real racing design
There are some absolutely gorgeous entries. So here are my votes :).

3 points - Team Australia - I absolutely love everything about it, the style, atmosphere and the image in a whole. Awesome work, guys!

2 points - Team Poland 4 - Awesome looking car. The styling is perfect, and the colour is great. Just you can't really see it due to the colour and darkness of the paint.

1 point - Team Brazil 2 - Gorgeous entry, love the idea of a concept car. Everything seems to go. But I am not keen on it on a whole. Just looks a bit to futuristic.
I prefer engine oil and overalls to nail polish and fashion any day‚ô•
3 points - Team Brazil 2, awesome concept, nice red colour, reminds me of pinijnfarina mythos :P
2 Points - Hungary 11, again nice concept, best viewed in hi-res, looked like melted candy in small picture...
1 Point- Team Australia, nice design, good work, a lot better than whatever may look a bit like it in our division :P
Some men just want to watch the world doing burnouts... :P
bannerda.jpg bannerfb.jpg
3 Points = Team Australia - Fantastic evil racer, great atmosphere. Really brushed nicely, Great work Team Aus!

2 Points = Team Poland 4 - I love this racer, great colour. Great atmosphere, Great brushing of reflections. Great work boys.

1 Points = Team Hungary 11 - Very cool concept car, fantastic brush work. Cool atmosphere, nice reflections.
I like you.
3 points = Team Brazil 2 - The creativity is nice , also the execution its perfect , but they lost the stock :)
2 points = Team Hungary 11 - I like the concept , also clean execution and nice background
1 point = Team Australia - This chop deserves to go in the next round :D this matte Ferrari is the only one that i like
Hungary 11 : Crazy design, awesome quality.
Australia : Awesome racing look.
Poland 4 : Nice atmosphere, color, design, quality of work.
3 points = Team Australia - Awesome design, style and colour scheme, just a few parts let it down like the front tire and some darker and lighter black parts in the front.
2 points = Team Poland 4 - Perfect amount of detail in the car and background and nice design.
1 point = Team Hungary 11 - Just a little over done imo, wheels don't really suit the rest of the car but nice atmosphere and brushing.
3p - team Brazil 2 (I love design,wheels,color and bg)
2p - team Australia (very nice brush and desing)
1p - team Poland 4 (good design and good brush and color)
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