3p - Australia: Very good brush I like all the chop.
2p - Poland 4: Nice design.
1p - Brazil 2: I do not like the concept but it's a good job
3p - Team Poland 4 - nice brush and design, only I dont like soo much is front bumper
2p - Team Australia - very nice sport style
1p - Team Hungary 11 - nice concept, but don't like rims
3p - Team Australia - I really like the athmosphere and the brushing, nice race car
2p - Team Poland 4 - There should be more light parts on the car, its too dark. Look at the background's lights and contrast.
1p - Team Brazil 2 - I like the concept and the brushing, but dont understand that side mirror or wing...
3p -- Team Poland 4 ( so cool design)
2p -- Team Brazil 2 ( unordinary and cool design, nice colour)
1p -- Tean Hungary 11 ( cool design and good colour, but rims are small)
3p - Team Brazil 2 - Very good idea and nice brush. Ruthless body!
2p - Team Australia - Awersome atmosphere! Best lights!
1p - Team Poland 4 - Nice color and bg!
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