3 pts: Team Australia - Amazing atmosphere! I like the black and green combination! Perfect race car. Tyres/wheels could have been different, does not look so good, and is a bit low quality.. Good work! :-d

2 pts: Team Hungary 11 - Great concept! You have succeeded in creating a new concept, which seems to Ferrari!

1 pt: Team Poland 4 - A great atmosphere and a car! Great brushing!
3p - Team Hungary 11 - awsome concept, the brush is beatiful and the reflections are very nice
2p - Team Brazil 2 - very cool concept, nice brush and refs
1p - Team Australia - cool body, cool paintbrush
:woot:my new chop:woot:

:woot:my last chop:woot:
3p Australia - Loving it, perfect.
2p Poland 4 - Nice style, and colour, but the paint looks toon.
1p Brazil 2 - Don't like the design, but work done its perfect.
3p- Team Australia (great design)
2p- Team Poland 4 (good design and good brush)
1p- Team Hungary 11 ( cool design and brush, but where is the original)
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3-Ps-Brasil 2-I love the design and refelctions...
2-Ps-Australia-Nice kit but i don't like the wheels and spoiler...
1-Ps-Hungary 11-Good reflections but i don't like the style...
Naples is my city....
3p - Team Australia: I very love it! Impressive atmosphere and body, but there are some noisy details
2p - Team Brazil 2: Very nice reflections, a bit weird design and overall
1p - Team Poland 4: Interesting design and ideas, but the color could be better

Nice jobs
Be Creative. Be Yourself.
wow that's the hardest group I think. Team hungary is the best no doubt about it but I can't vote for them :(
3p-Team Australia: amazing job on the colors
2p-Team poland 4: love the reflections on it
1p-Team Brazil 2: well it's not bad concept but the front is not 100% good by the perspective and I don't get that side thing
3p - Australia: The matt paint looks awesome! This type of paint you either succeed with or fail. You have succeeded! The lighting in from the background also makes the paint even more impressive! Really nice job.

2p - Hungary 11: I love the picture even though the car doesn't look ANYTHING like the base anymore... The problem with pictures like this is that you didn't even need the base!!! You went too far. Some friendly advice: Don't do it again! You will loose votes for it.

1p - Poland 4: Nice dark design coupled with some good work overall.
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