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- General forum ettiquette:
Bottomline - play nice. Treat others how you'd expect to be treated. The same standard principles in real life apply here - courtesy/respect/maturity/fairness/be helpful/don't be rude. Any form of sexism or racism is uncalled for and you will be banned immediately for breaching this in anyway. We value and respect our members, we trust that you do the same if you'd want to stick around here.

- Chop comments:
We love that you are posting on, we really do. However, try to make your comments longer than just: "+1" or "I like". Posting good and constructive comments are much more helpful, and will help the artist improve. Furthermore, comments that only serve the purpose of getting a donor image will be deleted and the user warned. It is good manners to provide constructive feedback before asking for donors. Members who post short, pointless and hurtful comments will be warned once by PM, and if they continue they may be banned.

- Links
If you have a link for a good pack of donors, a cool video, or a funny image, feel free to post it on However, you are not allowed to post links for sites containing pornographic material, "Rickroll"-sites, scary .swf's or flash animations and other websites of unpleasant nature. It can be quite annoying for whoever clicks the link, even though you intend no harm. Repeat offenders will be warned by PM and may be temporarily banned, or permanently banned depending on the content.

- Chatbox
The Chatbox is to be used as an easy way for the community to interact, as well as a notification system. It is not to be used to self promote or advertise. This includes asking for comments on chops or WIP threads. On the other hand, if you require some specific help on an issue you're having with your chop, please feel free to ask for it in the chatbox. There are often a number of members who would be willing to help - just ask nicely, and you should be set. Asking for a promotion in the chatbox is also prohibited. If you think you are deserving of a promotion, please go to this thread. Members who repeatedly break these rules will be warned, and if they continue, banned.

Do not unnecessarily embed images and animated .gif's on the chatbox unless they are of an evident relevance to the subject of a conversation. This means:
  • DO NOT post random .gif's for the mere sake of just posting... really, nobody wants it.
  • DO NOT post large/huge images, as they will fill the entire chatbox, and hereby obstruct the purpose of it
YOU will be the judge whether the .gif's and images you may or may not choose to post are of a relevance to subject on the chatbox. Whatever you may choose to post there can be removed at staff's discretion, if deemed a violation of above rules. Repeat offenders will be warned on PM and may be temporarily banned.
How do you avoid violating these rules? If you have to ask this question, don't even consider embedding stuff. Also, what's wrong with a good old URL? That's right, nothing is wrong with them - use them!

Please keep your signatures a reasonable size. Ensure that the signature size is no bigger than 725px x 175px, this includes BOTH the image and/or any quotes, text etc. you have in the signature. Any bigger and you will get a shitty admin chosen signature installed for 1 week.. The one we choose will make you look real stupid. You don't want this. Also make sure they are not gif animations that have large file sizes too (keep it under 200kb).. this is annoying for our users to constantly have to wade through this stuff and its a waste of bandwidth.

Since is an international forum, the official language is English. All posts and threads must be in English, however a couple of words in your own language is acceptable.

Also, use a tasteful language. This means: no offensive and/or perverted language, or anything like that. Crossing this line is bad forum etiquette, and it might result in a ban.

Even though there's an automatic re-sizing function, try not to post ridiculously high resolution pictures, link to the high-resolution instead, or post a thumbnail. Please use thumbnails if you wish to post large amounts of pictures. It can be really annoying for some, either because their browser crashes, or it takes forever for the browser to load the pictures.
Again, do not post offensive photos. This could either be porn (soft- as well as hardcore), bloody gore images and generally nasty stuff like that, that the community won't enjoy.

Threads about fx. Lockerz and general advertising for irrelevant material, is considered spam, and is therefore prohibited on They will be deleted, and if a user repeatedly breaks the rule, it will result in a ban.
Don't advertise other chopping related forums/sites on, unless it's by appointment with the staff.
Don't talk about cracks/warez, illegal downloading or crime in general. Doing it might result in a ban.

Stealing is if you steal another choppers work. This could either be the entire chop or just a body part. People put hard work and a lot of effort into making their chops, so stealing is obviously prohibited. In most cases stealing will result in a permanent ban, and you will be left widely unpopular by the general community - it is strongly frowned upon.

Intentionally misleading the community into believing that you have done more work than you actually have is referred to as "cheating". This includes cases where a chopper almost solely copies from a single donor picture (without credit), when a different base is provided to what they actually used, or when parts that are cut & pasted are said to be brushed. Any user caught cheating will first be warned and perhaps temporarily banned. Repeat offenders will receive a permanent ban.

Promotions are exclusively chosen/handed out by the Staff, however, if you feel that yourself or someone else deserves a promotion, make sure to visit the Promotion Request Thread. Please do not PM or ask staff-members for promotions other than in the aforementioned thread.

Client projects is what separates from other chopping/virtual tuning websites. Here, you can actually make money off doing what you love; chopping! However, it isn't as straight forward to get client projects as it may seem. Make sure to read this thread on how to improve your chances of getting a client project. Be aware that you MUST NOT post alternate contact information (i.e. email address, msn, aim, skype etc) on your profiles, or send it directly to a client. This undermines the whole service we're bringing to you and it also opens up the ability for you to get ripped off by clients!

There's a couple of rules though. On it isn't allowed try and score projects by offering them on your profile, or posting threads about it. If you do so, there's a risk the customer will screw you over. Due to the system it will be impossible for any of the parties to be screwed over; will hold the money until both parts have agreed that the project is finished! This is sweet isn't it?

If you have any questions regarding the rules, feel free to send a PM to one of our admins. Staff list can be found here.

Have fun on!

The Staff
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Haha, that was brief.. u should work on those rulez cuz there are a LOT of uncivilized people. ;) .. some people will never learn
OK i shall take them on board :D we will be good :D
Still Learning - But we all have to start somewhere. Dont We.?
the rules seem to be working so far :) - at least they are not so long that nobody ends up reading them :D
*bump* so everyone notices that the rules just got updated :)
I have a question: you said "say that you brushed a part which is c/p..." does this mean no over-brushing or does it mean that we should tell people that it is over-brushed?
Pretty sure they just mean that if you overbrushed it just say so, don't claim the design as your own. :-d
You can over-brush, of course. It just means that you can't do a full C/P chop, and then claim you brushed it all.
OK, I thought that was what it meant but I wanted to be clear. :-d
Bump + update about Promotions.
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