hi there..
just glad to be here with those awesome chops!

herry tearjerky
Hello, i'm brazilian tunner..
Hi im from Brazil but I leave a few days (2) in Boston and London, but today Im living in Lagoa whith my mom and a pink dog.
I liked very much cars and gummy bear so many other things
I'm new Tuner here :] My style's are Drift,german style,JDM and others :D
Check my fb profile *click on pic* QRIVSd6.png
Hi, I'm new tuner, from brazil =O
Hi, I'm a new chopper and my style is making cruise ships and cruise lines into car manufacturers.
hello all i am new
Hi guys,hi girls,I´m from Slovakia (It is the largest state in the world :P ) that is about all , Yet and still, I'm sorry for my English. all translations through a translator :P
hey guys .. ive been choppin for 3 days now.. i cant get enough of it. final.jpg
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Hi virtual world! greetings from Lithuania! Good luck 4 all new and old choppers in new 2012 years! :-d
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