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Hello from Romania. :D
Nice to meet you guys. :)
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what's up guys :mrteeth: i am new
Hii guys !! =O
I'm from Brazil :D
brazil o/
halooo..anybody homeee? :mrteeth: :mrteeth:

hi all i am new here :D
Newbie here. Kindly help me out in guiding me to openable links to tutorials. Most are outdated and nonresponsive.
Hi guys ! I'm new in the chop world ! I'm 18 , from belgium ! Started chopping last week by seeing some YasidDesign work on Fb ... And i love that ! so i will continue to chop a lot i think ! I'm generaly inspired by old-school race cars , and violent japanese car work like RWB , LibertyWalk , RocketBunny ... :mrteeth:
I'm new <_<
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