I'm new here.. glad to know you all..
I'm new this is my first chop but probally my best one oh well keep trying. lol
LK Design
I Find where Acunnini them, God willing, I will go
Nice! :-d
I am a new Venezuelan choper!! xD
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Hi all, I tried to register many times but I did not check the mail sent to msn, my friends they tried but did not work, but one he did yesterday, I have not been able to register with my stage name because he had occupied xD and in a hurry because I will participate in the WTB
And sorry if I beliebe problems when i´m trying to register many times :/
I'm WasiDesign ... a Spanish Chopper :D
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hi all im new here im from bulgarian choppers....and nice to meet you ;)

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Hi all! i'm a new chopper from Italy!
I'm .M.G.Design. and well, nice to meet you! :D
Hi! Im _Werewolf_ , new chopper from Croatia :)
Hey, im new!
It's great to see so many amazing choppers here! :D
And im from Grimsby, UK!
Im not afraid to get dirt, oil and grease underneath my nails. I don't just pretend to like cars, I love cars.
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