Hey! I´m new!! Im from Argentina and I love chop cars!
Hi!!, I'm new here, I'm from Spain.
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hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B)
Hi to everybody :)
I'm new here, I'm from Italy :-d
hi i m new i love cars and hard n hevy music, i m from italy and i m registred on virtualtuning.it where i m a noob xD
Rates: 1 stolen 4 very bad 6 acceptable 7 realistic + nice 8 very good 9 awesome 10 awesome + epic
Hello my friends, I used to be registed in here but i had some tecnical problems and i had to regist again! Continuation of good posts!
I am from Portugal and I love to chop!
Welcome to all of our new Members! Glad to have you all here, and I hope you enjoy participating in this great chopping community. We just reached out 100,000 forum post mark so hopefully you will help us all to reach the next milestone of 200,000 even faster!!
Hi to everybody
I'm new here, I'm from Portugal
hi!i am from Ukraine.
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