hello.. i'm new here.. i'm Malaysian.. ineed to know how to post my chop in this forum.. hope can share and learn new tips and tricks about Virtual Tuning with the Pro in here..
hello~ i'm new here~ i come from indonesia
i love digital tuning and i hope i can learn more about it here xD

by the way, my english is not so good, so please forgive me if there is something wrong with my word :D
Hi guys in one of the newest both in this site and in virtual tuning. Im almost 16, from Bulgaria. (I love metal and techno :D) And I hope i`ll improve myself alot thanks to you :) (the last sounded a bit dull, but N.M.)
Great to have you here Plamentator :D Hope you have fun!
Hello - new to your forum - thanks for having me. I am excited about being a part of your community :) Looking to improve my techniques and creative ideas on chopping and most importantly have fun doing it!

my avatar name is a work in progress!

Please view my first thread over in the new members area

Many thanks!
photorealistic illustrations for news, entertainment and aftermarket industries
Welcome aboard. I am also a new chopper. It's a good place to be
Hello! Im new here!
Im From Argentina!
I love JDM Style and Japanesse cars! :mrteeth:
Glad to have all you new members here! I hope you are enjoying being a part of this growing community!
Hello, I'm from Portugal, I'm new here and am eager to participate in this forum.
I'll post one or two ancient works and then begin to post the latest.
I hope you enjoy my work. :D
Hi all! I'm new in this forum, I'm really nice to meet you, I think some portuguese useres will recognize me from one other forum but that's ok, I'll post one or two of my previous works, and then I will update with the new works. Thank you all! xD
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