3p-Team france: really cool concept congratz
2p-Team bulgaria 4: nice atmosphere and lovely body
1p-Team Poland 3: perfect racing pic
3p - team france (lovely brush, nice design.)
2p - team bulgaria 4 (great atmosphere and design.)
1p - team hungary 3 (great background. brush is very nice.)
3p - France: I love the funky design of the front! It looks like a snake or lizard or something. Very cool and different. The paint is also really well done! :)

2p - Poland 8: Nice design, paint and choice of background. Perhaps the highlights are a bit too bright, but otherwise it looks good.

1p - Bulgaria 4: Nice design, but a bit tooney in places and it's all so red! Both the car and BG, would have looked better with some contrast.
3p - France: I love painting and generally chop.
2p - Poland 3: Good design, some parts are toon but I like.
1p - Italy 9: I do not like the outcome, but has much work, the brush is great
3p = Bulgaria 4 (I love this body and style)
2p = Hungary 3 (nice brush)
1p = France (great brush but I don't like this style)
3p - France: Nice brush, but don`t like style (It's like small sport car, not like Ferrari)
2p - Poland 3: Good design, some parts are toon but I like. Don`t like part form roof to side vent.
1p - Italy 9: Nice brush, but look like a toy and some parts are off.
3 Points-Team France - Insanely nice paint and awesome carbon fibre.
2 Points-Team Italy 9 - Bit extreme and somewhat unrealistic but still ok enough for 2nd place
1 Points-Team Poland 3 - Nice chop, maybe too much use of 1 donor? but the result is ok, especially like the interior.
3p -- Team Bulgaria 4 ( good colour and design)
2p -- Team France ( so cool design)
1p -- Team Italy 9 ( I like everything, but I dont like such rims)
3p - Team France - Nice color and body! Nice idea!
2p - Team Bulgaria 4 - This shape is beautiful!! Nice colors and atmosphere!
1p - Team Poland 8 - Good idea and nice color.
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