3p Team France : Cool design, awesome quality and details.
2p Poland 3 : Nice colors.
1p Poland 8 : Nice chop but the gaming idea is too much.
3 points = Team France - Clean and amazing brushing, reminds me too much of a Lotus though.
2 points = Team Bulgaria 4 - Great design, but seems too bright and saturated, needs more highlights.
1 point = Team Poland 3 - Interior is nice and detailed, side rear design is weird and front splitter needs moar low.
3p - Team Francia(nice color,brush and bg)
2p - Team Italy 9 (very good job and idea)
1p - Team Poland 3 (i like brush,color)
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3 pts: Team France - Cool design. Implementation is good!
2 pts: Team Bulgaria 4 - Great atmosphere. Design is great! Colour needs more highlights.
1 pt: Team Poland 3 - Fine and aggressive race car. Great colors..
3 - team france - very cool design/concept and an awsome paintbrush
2 - team poland 3 - cool scene
1 - team italy 9 - good brush, good refs, but the body is too much
:woot:my new chop:woot:

:woot:my last chop:woot:
3pt Poland 8 - The best chop of this division, though the paint is toon.
2pt France - I don't like the design, it looks like TVR Sagaris. Paint is near perfection.
1pt Hungary 3 - The tird best
3p - Team France: I very love the (a bit TVR-style) design:) The reflection on the floor doesn't seem perfect
2p - Team Poland 3: Good ideas, but the colors are toony
1p - Team Bulgaria 4: Cool design, weak reflections

Good jobs, mates
Be Creative. Be Yourself.
3 points - Team France ( nice design, love colour and front )
2 points - Team Hungary 3 ( Good idea with the bodywork "Targa" )
1 point - Team Italy 9 (Niece Racing Idea)
3 points - Team France (love this paintjob)
2 points - Team Hungary 3 (It looks like it's WIP but i like those refs on the side and overall idea)
1 point - Team Bulgaria 4 (third best chop, overall nice car but i don't like the color, it has to much saturation)
3 punti francia ( very aggressive)
2 punti bulgaria (good atmosphere)
1 punti ungheria (nice kit)
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