3 -Team italy 9 (Nice bodykit, atmosphere and color)
2 -Team france ( Good design, bg, but color need contrast)
1 -Team bulgaria 4 (Nice bg, wheels and color, but need ralism)
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3pts - Team France - One of the best works in Round one for sure ! That color is just awesome ! Design is my fav. for sure from this round,congratz guys !
2pts - Team Poland 3 - Good racing theme
1pt- Team Hungary 3 - Not bad,but it have strange design.

3p -- Team France: The car is really beautiful and the brush is exellent, but the BG isn't cool and the car don't looks a Ferrari...
2p -- Team Bulgaria 4: This is one of the best kits of this Round, but the brush is too satured and little toon...
1p -- Team Hungary 3: It looks a WIP, but the side and the interiors are good, the BG is cool and the bodykit is so beautiful...
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3p - team france (great design and color. maybe it is too similar to lotus, but it fix perfectly with your conceptual idea)
2p - team Bulgaria 4 (good bg, maybe the car is a little bit oversatured. however it is a good job)
1p - team poland 3 (good idea)
3p-Team Bulgaria 4
2p-Team France
1p-Team Poland 8
3 pts - Team France ? : Design and realism are just stunning, and again i can't see a ferrari in the chop

2 pts - Team Poland 8 : Nice idea and execution, however you could have made smt with design of it

1 pts - Team Poland 3 : Cool race idea, could've done better
3p - team France- awesome brush, so real, missing part of spoiler :/
2p - team Poland 3 - great design , real race car :D
1p - team Bulgaria 4 - nice design, maybe toony but nice, missing some refs :-d
- 3 points = Team Poland 3
Nice brush, and color combo, really good chop

- 2 points = Team France
Great brushwork, but wierd design :)

- 1 point = Team Poland 8
Ahah great idea :D And brushwork isn't that bad, gj :-d
3Points - Francè :: beautiful beatiful. Also good brushed. i love the concept. it's beautiful. such red like this :* the BG is great too.

2Points - Bulgaria 4 :: good job mates! the design is impressive too.

1Point - Poland 3 :: well, very probably top3. I like the design more then the last ones.
but that green still looks not finished. a bit toony, but not deciding. i like the brush & the rest. good picture ;)
3p - Team France: Amazing!
2p - Team Bulgaria 4: Very good!
1p - Team Hungary 3: Unfinished, but nice!
Gratz for everyone! nice works!
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