3pts Poland Team 3 I really like the color, the car is well made that only I would have preferred a more aggressive front.
2pts Team Bulgaria 4 kit and I like the color, the only thing missing for me is more reflections.
1pt Team Hungary 3 is really the front aggressivoanche if I would have given them more reflections, the side is really well done.
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3 points = Team France (I like this concept style)
2 points = Team Bulgaria 4 (Color and front bumper is ok)
1 point = Team Italy 9 (Very too much race style but nicely done)

(Why, Finland, why :crazy:)
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3p-Team Italy 9 (Nice brush)
2p-Team France (Nice design)
1p-Team Poland 3 (Nice bg)
Ferrri f126jG3W.jpg

3p-Team France : really great paint job, the desing reminds me the McLaren, aspect which i really dislike to see in such a great quality chop

2p-Team Bulgaria 4 : nice atmosphere and agressive looking body kit

1p-Team Poland 3 : lacks of realism but the idea has been well done
3p- Team France. Great idea, is a unique design :-d
2p- Team Italy 9. Nice work in the brush.
1p- Team Poland 3. Good idea, but the car should be more dark for this bg
3 Points-Team France - good chop...Great style..
2 Points-Team Bulgaria 4 - niceeee design
1 Points-Team Poland 3 - is a third best chop...
3P- Team France (Good shop)
2P- Team Bulgaria 4 (Good design)
1P- Team Poland 3 (Good idea)
3p - ıtaly 9 ( nice race car concept )
2p - poland 8 ( that the best idea of all groups :))
1p - france ( nice concept great desingn but lost identity )
Team Italy 9 - 3 points
Team France - 2 points
Team Hungary 3 - 1 point
Supra in progress: http://www.autemo.com/forums/?t=11048
Team Italy 9 - 3 p.
Team France - 2 p.
Team Hungary 3 - 1 p.
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