3p - team bulgaria 4 - great design
2p - team france - nice design but just looks to much like a lotus elise on the front
1p - team poland 3 - very nice racing inspired car
There are some absolutely gorgeous entries. So here are my votes :).

3 points - Team France - Awesome, colour, styling, atmosphere is it just fantastic. I don't think I can really fault it to be honest.

2 points - Team Hungary 3 - Awesome paint, styling and atmosphere but I don't like the front bumper. I think that it doesn't suit the car at all.

1 point - Team Italy 9 - Awesome livery and paint work, looks great. But I think that it lacks a little something... And also, the rear wheel should have more negative than positive camber.
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3 points - Team France (fantastic design and brush)
2 points - Team Poland 3 ( great mood, and nice design)
1 point - Team Italy 9 ( nice racing style, but seems a little bit toony)
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design05 wrote:
Please LG Add a review on the chop if he has your vote will not count at the end

edited, thanks
no it's up to us to say thank you, teams need every vote
3 points - Team France ( nice design, love colour and front, remember my favorit car TVR )
2 points - Team Poland 3 ( mode racing is superb, like collour )
1 point - Team Italy 9 ( remember lemans, like style but not very good details...)
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3 Points = Team Poland 3 - Very interesting styling for a race car, but i really like it! A bit wild, nice paint work so good brushing. Its the chop that find best in this division. Keep it up!

2 Points = Team Italy 9 - When Ferrari makes babies with Pagani, wild Styling on this and very interesting brush on this. Lots of details and reminds me of posters i used to have. Good work.

1 Point = Team Bulgaria 4 - Very cool chop, nice paint, good design. Good work keeping the body lines of the Ferrari with the rear arch, Very hard to do. Nicely done.
I like you.
3 points = Team France - One word i have to say: PERFECTION !
2 points = Team Bulgaria 4 - This is a cool kit , nice design and good execution ..the color i dont like it too much
1 point = Team Italy 9 - Nice hard work details , the perspective i think is a little bit wrong , the background i dont like it ...and wheels are also bad...

Good luck !
3 points -team Italy 9, at least you have an excuse fro making it toony :) Proper racecar too.
2 points -Bulgaria 4, it's orange and stuff...all perspective seems to be correct.
1 point- -Team France, very nice work, but could be more like a Ferrari.
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