MOVED: JUDGE VOTING: WTB 2012 - Semi Final

VOTING: WTB 2012 - Semi Final

This is the judge's voting thread for the Semi Final of the 2012 World Team Battle.

For reference, this is was the task:
BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe (2013)

This 6-series is the newest engineering masterpiece to step out of Germany, so be gentle!

This round we're looking for you guys to do what you do best - virtual tuning - so our guidelines are a little looser this time around. We want you to create whatever you like with this beautifully crafted canvas; be it a potential tuning package or a slammed Euro beast, just make sure you do it well! Our only real requirement is that the final product should be distinctly a 6-series, modified realistically. Judges will also be looking out for entries that show originality and free thinking. However, we don't want any concept vehicles like last round.

This round is again voted solely by judges, so it'd be wise to keep the above criteria in mind to have any chance of making it through to the final!

You have two base images to work your magic on - we highly suggest you tackle both!




Team Australia
WIP Image
WIP Image
WIP Image
WIP Image
WIP Image

WIP Image
WIP Image
WIP Image
WIP Image
WIP Image
WIP Image


Team France 1


WIP Image


Team Hungary 10
WIP Image

WIP Image


Team Italy 3
WIP Image

WIP Image


Team Poland 3
WIP Image
WIP Image
WIP Image
WIP Image
WIP Image
WIP Image
WIP Image
WIP Image
WIP Image
WIP Image


Team Poland 4

WIP Image
WIP Image


Team Serbia
WIP Image

WIP Image


Team Spain 1
WIP Image

WIP Image

Bonus Interior
Interior Donor

Please click each image to view the HIGH RESOLUTION version.

Did not submit:
Team Germany 1
Team Lithuania 3
Team Portugal 1


You are reminded to check the rules of voting listed in the Official Rules of the competition


- This year we will only be asking you to place your top three chops in order of preference. Please do your best to vote unbiased toward team members and their country of origin. Posts that do not include constructive feedback (i.e. why you like / dislike the chop) will not be counted.

Vote in the following format:

- 3 points = Team Non-Desert (Given to the best entry)
Followed by an extensive critique

- 2 points = Team Nicaragua 4 (Given to the second best entry)
Followed by an extensive critique

- 1 point = Team Greenland 7 (Given to the third best entry)
Followed by an extensive critique

The TOP 4 voted entries from this division will progress to the Final.

Voting will close on on Friday 6th July, 8pm GMT+10 (10am GMT)
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puszka321 wrote:
please video xD
MK211 wrote:
I really like the nos coming out of the rims
Wow. I'm blown away! Literally finding this impossible to vote upon :( I've been sat staring at all chops for 15 minutes now, and there is very little to choose between - all have their merits and issues, but in different areas, so I will do my best...

3pts - Team France 1 - I love that paint! It may appear a tad toony, but that's because it's a satin finish. Although this is one of the simpler chops styling-wise, everything works perfectly on it! I love the atmosphere and would happily drive a car like that myself. Then I opened the HiRes and I urge other judges to do the same when they vote - wow! That paint is so silky smooth and gorgeous - it's amazing! Absolutely love it! :D Really well done

2pts - Team Australia - because racecar. Seriously though, the effort put into this is insane - the atmosphere was my favourite from all of the chops, and the creativity and design is simply wild. What stopped me from putting this first was just how tall the car looks :( Even if it wasn't meant to be a DTM car it still looks impressively tall XD And in my opinion it needs to be a lot lower with some insane arch cutting etc, like they do for real - this would just help it look so much more agressive and racey. The "AUS 12" logo on the front view seems to be a bit off, and perhaps the bg a little in both, but overall very nice chops. Good to see that there is no J_HUI logo XD

1pt - Team Poland 3 - Again the creativity won this one over for me :) Not only that but there is a really nice design, and some awesome shiny reflections XD Incorporating both views into the same chop is always a challenge, and I think you've done a good job, just a few of the other objects in the distant bg make it look a bit off. In terms of styling though, it's spot on - an insane street racer with some really nice touches. I particularly like the rear view, that diffuser and those rear lights are just heaven :) What lets it down is the smoke - that looks a bit white and a bit fake, and the door lines - they could do with a bit more effort for me.

Runner Up - Team Spain 1 - Gargh!!!! I was dying to put this in my top three! That paint and brushwork is simply stunning! The design is pretty cool too. However there is something about both chops that just feels 'off'. I can't quite put my finger on it :( This effect seems to be exaggerated by the toony plates and ungainly rims. The rim lighting plays a big part too, and in the case of these two chops seems to make no sense at all. Having said that, the attention to detail both in the paint and other things (the rear badge, the sponsor logos in the bg), it deserves to go through with all of that effort! Well done :D

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Other Teams (and why you didn't quite make it)

Team Hungary 10 - Another incredible chop, but for me the rims were a huge let down, the didn't seem to be fitted to perfection, and their quality and lighting isn't to the same standard as the rest of the car. I'm not the biggest fan of the squarish kit either, although I can see where it draws its inspiration from on the base picture, but I'm not sure how well it works with the other lines of the car. Having said that it does still look very cool, with some epic atmosphere and brushwork, and just missed out on my runner up spot, pipped by spain's incredible brushwork.

Team Italy 3 - This actually was very close to making it into my top 3 (or 4), the overall quality of brushwork was very higher, apart from some toony areas around vents etc, and the design was quite cool too. However I felt that it looked to be 'drooping' a little bit, and as a result this didn't feel to work with the rest of the car's shape for me. Other than that a very nice chop, with great backdrop and rim fitting, and those rear lights look awesome! :D

Team Poland 4 - Again, a very good effort, but this one just feels a little bit rushed to me. The lighting seems to be off in places, especially on the rims, and compared to other entries this feels quite toony :/ especially on the green chop. The other issue is that the background doesn't quite fit, and the overall atmosphere of the chop isn't quite there. Good try though, and a cool design too :-d

Team Serbia - This actually had one of my favourite designs of the round - throughout this contest you have consistently produced very good looking cars! However this time I think the matte paint lets it down. As with poland's chop it feels a little rushed and unfinished, and perhaps a little too unreflective. Compare your paint to that on the base, and you'll see that yours just feels a little flat, despite the overall lighting being there. But it's a good effort, with nicely fitting backdrop and rims, just a shame that the paint couldn't have been better - the chop may have been a serious contender then :D
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3p to France 1
By far the most stylish and original body kit design. Sure, it's got the BMW-style front bumper but it ties it all together. Sweet paint and amazing lighting too. I do feel the front bumper needs some more detail in there though. The front bumper looks too stripped and smooth, like a track day car. Maybe just some extra LED lights like there are on the stock image. Great choice of wheels too!

2p to Serbia
Another sweet body kit! With the front arches it's a little more extensive than what the French team made. Lots of great shapes in there but the dark matte paint in a dark lighting doesn't bring them out well enough. The shapes kind of get lost in there. Wheels' lighting and hue doesn't seem to match the car.

1p to Australia
The most amazing lighting here! The body kit just doesn't do the wow effect for me. (It's the lighting that does that but it wasn't the goal of the round.) While it does look it's been made really well, the kit is just too basic DTM-style kit in my opinion. Having such a strong style reference it's difficult to actually produce something original instead of just focusing on the defining characteristics of a certain style.
4pts Team Australia
For the atmosphere and scene on both view. Lightning is so nice :omg:
And because i love racecar too ^^
Brushing is top level here

3pts Team Poland 3
Awesome scene here too and high level of brushing
I like both bodykit
Work on the lightning espacially on the rear view is insane

2pts Team Spain1
Sick work on the reflections, perhaps a bit toony in place but very stylish
Body is awesome and there are details all around
Rims lightning isn't perfect to me

1pt Team Serbia
Awesome worh on the bodykit and stance, i love it :-d
Both scene are great
Anyway, even if i love matte paint, i think it's too flat here, it needs more contrast and variation in the paint

Ps: France 1
Such a sick chop here, paint, body and stance are perfect. I would have voted for you as 1st if i wasn't french :P
Just a reminder guys, only place your top 3 favourite chops. Don't worry about editing your posts if you've put 4, I'll just count the top 3.
puszka321 wrote:
please video xD
MK211 wrote:
I really like the nos coming out of the rims
I make it short as usual.

3pts - Team France 1 - Amazing work guys :-d

2pts - Team Spain 1 - Great execution.

1pts - Team Australia - Because Race Car :woot:
3 pts - Team France 1
Simply WOW! I think I'm in love with the paint on this one, damn. The high resolution is just astonishing. The wide body kit is awesome as well. A clear number 1 for me.

2 pts - Team Australia
Goes all hard bruh, I love the atmosphere! There are some minor mistakes, like the BMW logo on the spoiler, but really minor details. Overall, a great chop with a great execution and design.

1 pt - Team Spain 1
Awesome, awesome design! I reaaally like the exhausts, I haven't seen that type of thing before. And there's just something about that scenery, it suits the car so well. I feel that 2nd and 3rd place should be split, but there are some things like the front bumper (looks weird perspective-wise, dunno if its just me) that just annoys me too muc.
3 pts: Team France 1: Excellent renderings guys! Paint looks delicious, and atmosphere is great. Very clean execution but a few reflection errors here and there. Wheels could be greatly improved in both style and execution.

2 pts: Team Spain 1: Overall, nothing stands out inherently bad, just didn't wow me like Team France. Refs look great, I know they took a lot of time. It paid off.

1 pt: Team Poland 3: Excellent idea with the drifting cars; but I'm a bit confused if its the same car shown twice? Why not do two different cars? Nonetheless, excellent job.
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Let me start by saying I'm relatively disappointed in the entries this round. The objective was to make a distinct 6 series, modified realistically. This should've been the cue for the teams to see how far they could take it within the boundaries. Instead I see teams playing it safe, with borderline boring chops. Great work has gone into the paint everywhere but that should be the starting point for the chop, not the end. You use the paint to showcase the mods, the paint itself shouldnt be the showpiece as such.

There's only one chop that takes a different approach, and while I applaud the effort it isnt really representative of a real-world 6 series. But that's interpretation of the rules. Of course I'm talking about team Australia.

The rest doesnt seem to have put much effort in their designs. Just from eyeballing I can already see an M6/Gpower, Alpina, Porsche, E92 335i front. And rears seem to have been an afterthought in almost every chop.

With that in mind I'm about to vote for those who I think attempted to diversify and quality of work done, not necessarily to my taste.

3 points - Team Australia

2 points - Team Poland 3

1 point - Team France 1
Artist formerly known as "Dev"
I see some nice entries in there, sadly no entry of Team Germany.

In case I am really amazed by the first entry of Team Australia.

Definitely the number one of my voting list.

3 points - Team Australia:

You guys made a very creative version of the 6 series.
In comparison to all the other chops you guys broke out into a new direction.
Absolutely love the racing look on it. You can see that there was a bit lack of time for the rear view but nevertheless also the rear view is close enough to be one of the best works in this round. An atmosphere created like in none of the others in this round. I guess I should change my wallpaper on my desk. Keep up that good work, you definitely could be THE winner of this years WTB. Just keep going.

2 points - Team France:

That's what I call a nice and easy ride! That paintjob is the fact for being on place 2 for me. Wow. Soooooo beautiful. At the moment there's standing an BMW 6 series in front of our agency, all the time I pass by I imagine the car to have that colour and look more or less like the whole artwork of you guys. For me your group is an absolutely awesome surprise and that's why I want to give you 2 points in this round to see you going on to the next round. Nothing can get any better than Vossen wheels [@Cloud]. It's one hell of a vehicle. I want to see you going through next round.

1 point - Team Hungary:

Also in here the atmosphere is just mindblowing. It brings along a coldish feeling, but the car itself imparts so much >>hotness<< into the picture. Awesome creation there.I like the whole design of the car. That white paintjob is delicious. Only in HighRes you see that you had a lack of time maybe. The exhaust looks unfinished,some parts are extremely noisy, other parts are too clean. I like the sticker on the side, definitely a very unique idea of ending on the front wheel arch. Awesome bodykit, awesome lightning effects. Keep going

Best regards,
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