3 pts: Team France 1: Relatively subtle yet aggressive styling and very nice paint make this my number one. Some parts need a bit more work and you could have changed the plate to something more suitable, e90 is a 3-series after all...

2 pts: Team Poland 3: Very close to first place for me, only reason it got in 2nd is because I don't really like the frontbumper design. Awesome scenery though with great lightingeffects.

1 pt: Australia: Both front and rear view have a great setting and the work on both is done very clean. 3rd place for me because although it looks realistic for a racecar, I can't say it's a beautiful bodykit. The little flags on the side windows look a bit fake and off and they are bigger on the front view (you missed the little pillar in the middle of the door there)
3 pts: Team Spain 1:
The brushwork and atmosphere coupled with the reflections looks truly outstanding, and the colour is absolutely gorgeous. There's something about the styling too which just puts this at number 1 for me, it really is a piece of art. Great work guys.

2 pts: Team Australia:
You pushed the boundaries of the competition but it paid off nicely. The atmosphere looks brilliant, and if it wasn't for the fact that you've already done a race version in this competition (F12) and if both of the chops were of similar style, this would have been at number 1.

1 pt: Team France 1:
Gorgeous colour, but the paint seems to lack some vibrance for me. The styling is pretty sweet, reminiscent of an M6. Great work nonetheless, but didn't have much of the wow factor for me to place it in the top 2.
3p to Team France 1
- Liked the simple but quite effective mods on the body.
Especially loved the paint and the whole ambience of the pictures.

2p to Team Poland 3
- The setup is interesting and definitely stands out from this group.
The execution on both cars is fairly good, but there's some places that could've use some more work.

1p to Team Australia
- Ideas are cool on the car and backgrounds, but the execution could be a bit better in places.
3pts : Team France, render is so sweet you could eat it color is insane and the atmosphere is great, just so subtle but that effective at the same time.
The body kit is GREAT wheels its all so clean and smooth and a hint of realism at the same time

2pts. : Team Australia, amazing DTM look race car looks great love the fish lense look on the first image, and the garage scene on second its a bit overused now :P but great none theless, love the atmosphere on both.

1pts : Team Hungary This is a car I would own this is so sexy , the wheels scenery kit color it has it all, great stuff just some low res bits that makes it not reach top.
first off i appologize for not voting on time (beeing one day late) cos i was away for the past period, so i don't know if this counts, but i wanted to do my job :)

3 pts - Team France 1

Again! awesome work from the french guys, the scenery is perfect as is all the work done the car. Love the oemish tuning done to the car, the stance is great, but a bit to much poke on the rear i'd say. The colour is amazing at some spots but lacks details at other (some areas seem glossy some seem matte). Overall, great entry and no.1 on my list do to it's quality standard both in design and execution.

2 pts. - Team Polland 3

First of great entry, and hats down for the i'd like to say bravery in executing a scene like this and managing to make it look realistic enough beside the fact you knew the judges will be giving points on realism.
Moving on to the chop. I really like the colours and the refs, it really gives feel of an tokyo drift garage meet. i'd just like to see some more depth to the photography, like "both" of the cars are in focus but so disstant front one end to the other, and accenting this are the cars in the bg witch are also sharp as hell. I don't really like the girls in the middle,
they seem distorted in colour and lightning a bit too much.
Lastly, i really love the neon effect, the look and shine on the back diff area are simply amazing.

1pts. - Team Spain 1

first off i put team italy 3 but i made a last second switch.
The detail you all put in the refs is simply amazing. The side of the front view is great but the front area and esspecialy the fender lacks a bit. On the rear view, now this looks perfect all around. love the refs and scenery and that design of the exhaust tips made me change my mind. the i guess, camera/badge is a nice touch but that only comes out when you're driving in reverse, so the reverse lights should be on also.
THE biggest setback of this chop are the rims, i'm just unable to realize how you were able to put rims that have a clear sunlight/sunset colours/lightning on a car set in the middle of the night on some crowded neon signs filled street
3 Points - Team France 1

Great brushing overall. The kit design lets it down a little, especially since the front looks way too much like a 3-series now. Fantastic work though, and a well deserved first place.

2 Points - Team Poland 3

A "old school" WTB chop - reminds me of the good old days of the WTB. Again, great brushing and good to see a team being a little more "out there" with the theme. Sweet work overall, just not quite the "classiness" that a luxury manufacturer like BMW deserves in terms of the mods and underground theme.

1 Point - Team Spain 1

Another well brushed chop, especially great work on the reflections. Despite this, it just seems a bit dull, lifeless and boring to be honest. The rims are also pretty ugly. I expected more.
puszka321 wrote:
please video xD
MK211 wrote:
I really like the nos coming out of the rims
I have to say, I'm fairly impressed by the chops, but I was expecting even more seeing it's the semi finals. I wasnt a fan of all the bmws with M3 and stock 3 series kits, they fit really well but doesn't really do it for me.

3pts - Poland 3.
I reallly love the scene, brushing and creativity in this chop. absolute stand out in this round imo. There are a few things that need a bit of work, the door gap lines are too thin and one tone, the shadow on the front chop doesnt fit and door handles are missing? :P

2pts - Spain 1
Although im not a fan of the 3 series kit on the 6 series, the paint work on this is very realistic and the bonus interior is a great little touch. But the shadow/ road on the rear shot you can see a bit of blur, and the wheels quality isnt too good.

1pts - Team Serbia: I so wanted to vote your chop as 1st place
Cant go wrong with matte black, This chop looks beautiful. Although the kit is off a m3? I can look past it as that rear shot look so good. Theres just 2 things im not a fan of, the highlights of the car is not bright enough making the chop looks just black :P and the angle of the image makes my neck hurt.

Soooo close - France 1
Interesting chop, I wasnt a fan of the wide looking front kit (loved the rear), but the colour looks gorgeous and the chop quality is fairly good. But the image just didnt pop out enough, it need a bit of contrast and brighten up a little and the car also lacked some reflections I think.

Hungary 10: was a beautiful chop, but the wheel shadow and lighting just didnt look right at all, no matter how many times I looked back at it.
Italy 3: clean bw design works well and some decent brushing, but there just wasnt enough to appeal to me and the car can use a bit more reflection, and the lower part of the rear bumper needs to be darken, like the side skirts.
Poland 4: good looking chops. The backgroun I think doesnt fit for the rear shot, and alot the front car colour is a bit over saturated
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