MOVED: JUDGE VOTING: Round 2 - Division 3

VOTING: Round 2 - Division 3

This is the voting thread for Round 2 - Division 3. Please vote for entries in this division only.

For reference, this is was the task:
"Produce your version of the McLaren F1's successor."

With much speculation around the Automotive world about the McLaren F1's successor (codenamed P12), we want you to produce what you think it may look like.

This round the best entries will be those that are original, realistic, stylish and represent the McLaren brand best. Judges will be voting on this criteria, so you'd be best to follow it! Entrants should remember that ONLY judges are voting this round, there will be no community vote - meaning that if you would like to progress through to the next round, do your best to impress us by following the above criteria.

Remember, we're looking for a REALISTIC successor to the F1. Go ahead and do some research on what the next Mclaren hypercar could look like, because this round includes some homework to go along with your chopping.

This time around there is NO SET BASE, so you must choose wisely which perspective (or perspectives!) you will tackle!


Team Australia
WIP Image

Team France 1
WIP Image

Team Hungary 1 (50% Vote Penalty)
WIP Image
WIP Image
WIP Image
WIP Image
WIP Image

Team Italy 6
WIP Image
WIP Image
WIP Image
WIP Image
WIP Image

Team Poland 3



WIP Images

Team Turkey 3
WIP Image

Did not submit:
Team Hungary 5
Team International 3

Please click each image to view the HIGH RESOLUTION version.


You are reminded to check the rules of voting listed in the Official Rules of the competition


- This year we will only be asking you to place your top three chops in order of preference. Please do your best to vote unbiased toward team members and their country of origin. Posts that do not include constructive feedback (i.e. why you like / dislike the chop) will not be counted.

Vote in the following format:

- 3 points = Team Non-Desert (Given to the best entry)
Followed by an extensive critique

- 2 points = Team Nicaragua 4 (Given to the second best entry)
Followed by an extensive critique

- 1 point = Team Greenland 7 (Given to the third best entry)
Followed by an extensive critique

The TOP 3 voted entries from this division will progress to Round 3.

Voting will close on on Sunday 27th May, 10am GMT+10 (Midnight GMT)
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puszka321 wrote:
please video xD
MK211 wrote:
I really like the nos coming out of the rims
3p to Poland 3.
It looks like a slightly modernized F1. It almost looks like a face-lift to the old one and not really a completely new model. With a slightly more daring design it would been the hands-down winner here. For me it's just a little better than the 2p entry. Multiple views a huge bonus!

2p to France 1.
Technically the best entry here. The paint looks amazing and all the shapes are clear and easy to understand. I'm not a fan of the proportions. The high shoulder line doesn't say supercar. It says hypercar even less.

1p to Turkiye 3.
Original design but it looks too small for a hypercar. Rear wheel is out of perspective.

Bonus mention to Australia.
It does look fantastic and I would have wanted to give you points for it but it only looks like a modified MP4-12C. The task was to create something new.
3pts - Team Hungary 1 - Not sure about those wheels but love the rest of it! The proportions, the subtle lines and curves, and the overall shape. It really does look like a modern take on the f1, and is one of my favourite entries of the round! Perhaps a tad oversaturated, but really well done!

2pts - Team Poland 3 - really nice renderings with a cool design and a great atmosphere. But really not a fan of the front shots - it looks so overly distorted that it looks like a cartoon car. The design isn't the most imaginative from the front either, but the rear view - wow.. it's stunning there! Love those lights and that grille so much - I really could sit and stare at that for ages - i hope the actual thing is cool like that. A few mistakes and quality issues but overall a very good entry!

1pt - Team Turkey 3 - As has become accustomed with turkish wtb entries, epic paint and atmosphere. As for the design it's one of the more imaginative I've seen, without being over the top wild. It may not smack of McLaren, but there definitely feels to be at least a hint of it there, which is why this still made my top 3. Good effort guys :-d

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Why the others didn't make it (in no order):

Team Australia Seeing the base and the wip reveals why the doors now look oversized and out of proportion - the rear end of the car seems to have shrunk massively/changed perspective from the base. However, seeing the wip also shows the effort put into this chop. But for me, considering the other entries, perhaps a bit too much like an mp4-12c still, with a new rear wing area, which i'm not overkeen on. Good try though guys with a really nice atmosphere :-d

Team France 1 - A good attempt but not quite feeling the design. The proportions don't quite add up for me - it looks a bit too stretched and wide. However it was close to making my top 3 so a good effort. It seems well executed overall, and a good brush mixed with the c+p design elements has worked well.

Team Italy 6 - a bit too much like a redesigned racecar as opposed to a new mclaren roadcar. Also felt a bit dated in it's design, particularly it's livery which hasn't been used since last centuary. Good use of donors though and overall not a bad effort at all. Some cool ideas so well done

Good luck to all :-d
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Thanks for pointing that out ATC! I've added it now.
puszka321 wrote:
please video xD
MK211 wrote:
I really like the nos coming out of the rims
3pts-Team France 1: Although unnecessarily stanced/slammed, I think this super car has one of the better designs of all the rounds. Rendering, color, paint, etc are all top notch. Perhaps my favorite entry of all.

2pts-Team Australia: That rear shot is very realistic! However, an untrained eye would call that a simply upgraded MP4, rather than a successor. I was hoping to see a more radical change in design. Rear diffuser is track ready, not production ready.

1pt-Team Poland: In general, not quite up to the par as the others, but not too shabby. I really enjoy the atmosphere in this one.
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3 pts - Team France 1 : The car looks very wide for a production McLaren, and the headlights, and because of that the car in general, remind me more of a Lotus or perhaps a Tesla than a Mclaren. The plastic parts could use some more contrast but the paint look very good.

2 pts - Team Poland : Especially like the rear of the car. Not much to comment there, just like the design and the atmosphere is very nice. Front looks good too, but in my opinion is looks a bit crowded for a standard car with all the vents and carbon splitter. Again nice atmosphere but the front section of the car is way off, otherwise this might've gotten 3 pts.

1 pt - Team Hungary 1 : I love most of the design aand it really looks like a new model McLaren. Only the bottom vent in the front looks too boxy to flow with the rest of the body imo. I really don't like the Gulf livery on it though... Both rims look off and the rear one is too big. If you got the rims right and done it in one color, so no Gulf and no carbon parts, this might've scored better imo.
3 Points - Team France 1

The execution on this one is second to none. The design work is stylish and effective too.

Areas of improvement:
- I'd like to see something a little more McLaren like about it. Perhaps a side design inspired by the iconic original F1's would be a good choice.
- Hood vents aren't the most tasteful choice for a super car in my opinion.

Definitely the best in this division despite these (in my opinion).

2 Points - Team Hungary 1

Cool stuff. The design good is great and so too is the execution. A few of the styling choices are questionable however.

Areas that could do with some work:
- The rims are a terrible choice in my opinion. They don't suit the car at all.
- Gulf livery is also questionable. A nice metallic orange colour all over would really set the car off.

Good stuff overall, however.

1 Points - Team Poland 3

Good stuff on this, but it's mainly the design that doesn't do it for me. There's something about the sloped nose and rear end that I really don't like.

Areas to improve:
- As explained, the design isn't my favourite.
- Overall the execution is a little below par and toony

Good stuff on the presentation and effort to put together three images though!

The other chops that didn't make the list:

Team Turkey 3 - Almost jumped in ahead of Poland, but it just doesn't show the level of effort that theirs did.

Team Italy 6 - Quite disappointing really. Missed the point of the round a little. We were looking for a production ready version of the car and not a track ready one.
puszka321 wrote:
please video xD
MK211 wrote:
I really like the nos coming out of the rims
firsty i might sound harsh, but i kinda disapointed from most of the entries in this devision, most of the have some serious proportions/perspective issues.

3pts. - Team Turkye 3

Great job on this one! On a first glance i kinda passed this one but when i took a second look it really does look awesome! Great looking render, the work on it has be executed nicely, and so has the design. Would have wanted to see some more mclaren design clues but i love the look with the blue light strips accentuating (i'm guessing) the hybrid drive of the vehicle, something we all petrol heads dislike but is a major trend and direction of the new supercars.

2pts. - Team Australia

Again great job guys! The design work looks more like a race ready mp-12c. Great job on the paintjob, appart from the area above near taillight, needs more definition here i think. also something that really "sored" my eyes is the very highlighted road. even if the sun did highlight it as much (i know photographers do these kind of images with exposure/apperature something :D) the road would have still been filled up with the shadows of all the trees, leaves stuff (like the door casts a shadow on the road).

1pts. - Team France 1

Shame it's a still a wip, but i have to say i'm falling in love with design05's brushing, awesome! But on the other hand the design work is no where near the quality of the brushing. the front looks too much like the agera to me, the front lower area is a derect copy of the porsche concept...
4 points- Team Aus... :roll: :P

3pts - France 1.
The amount of work on this is phenomenal.
Love the low, wide and fatness of the car, design and the paint. Probably too low to drive on any roads haha. The plastic parts on the car could be a tad brighter to show off the details and the wheels look really small for the large car body IMO. great chop overall

2pts - Poland 3.
To create 3 entries, all of a very good standard is impressive. I cant stop looking at it! haha

1pts - Turkiye 3.
Usually I'm not a fan of over the top chops, but I love the turkish style and on high res the neon glow, carbon, paint is amazing. Probably a bit more futuristic then I would of liked to see as a production car, also the wheels look a bit flat especially the rear. but still a good entry
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3pts - Australia
Very beautiful overall picture. Highly photo-realistic. Lovely composition and environment of the overall image and setting. And also what I felt was an accurate portrayal of what I think the F1 successor could look like.

2pts - Poland 3
Styling is spot on! Very smooth/flowing and with the right curves. Liked how there were multiple views submitted.

1pts - Team Hungary 1
The proportions are a bit skewed, but the body lines are there. With a bit more work this could have come up as a very accurate representation of the new F1 in my mind.. That angle is also extremely hard so good work there too.

** STAFF EDIT ** (Klaus)

Because I haven't been able to contact MK211 (he's a busy man at the moment), Team Australia will not receive 3 points. They will instead receive the average points they have received from other voters.
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