first of all none of the entrys looked like the f1 sucessor to me tbh
so based my voting on what i liked most and took in the fact some have used to much of existing supercars witch stick out to much

1 > team turkey
def. not my favorit here but it looks most like the f1 sucessor if i'm hounest
dont really like the style with the effects add on it but def. not a bad chop and looks most like a new f1

2 > team australia > based on execition > bg and looks
but this just looks too much like a mc laren MP4-12C to me
now i know thye will probable will have some resemblance but they wont make 2 cars that look so alike ..

3. team france ... imo the very best of this comp section quality wise
guys props on the execution , hr full size is just stunning =O =O =O =O
amazing chop!!!!!!!!!!

why 3th ?? well it really looks like a koenigsegg .. not a mc laren its kinda lol because the base was not a koenigsegg
but in a weird way you ended up with a car that looks so similair to a koenigsegg

mc laren would never ever make a car that looks like the one of a nother car maker so what i'm saying is it should have looked more unique and more mc laren like

google koenigsegg and you find the cars that just look like your chop .. so not wanting to be the bad guy but to me it
could not really leave you out of the first 3 places because of the sheer quality and the fact the design even though the similairity to .. is stunning ..i mean that car / chop looks the buisness =O
3 pts: Team Australia
Simply - suck me sideways. Hands down best entry this round. + It doesn't look like a some sort of Pagani Koeniggsrari spaceship like some of the others. This really looks like something that would actually roam the streets of Monaco!

2 pts: Team Poland
2 pts for the different angles. The yellow version is ugly though, kinda ruined your otherwise handsome concept. The rear view got me by the balls, it is great!

1 pt: Team Turkey 3
Some delicious brushing and an interesting design - in a good way, although resemble a McLaren as much as it could have. Upper rear part is spot on, I really like it.
3pts - Team Poland 3
A lot of work here, design and atmosphere are really nice
Execution is quite good.
But why having distorted the front so much ?

2pts - Team Hungary 1
Great design especially on the side. Execution is awesome too.
Angle of the picture is interesting choice.
Rims could be better imo.

1pts - Team Australia
Awesome work on the paint and atmosphere
Design is nice, but to close from the original to me

PS: Team France 1, you would have my 3pts if I wasn't french :P
Technically, it's very impressive, brushing is outstanding =O
Design is great too but too much wide and slammed, this feeling is accentuated by the size of the image.
Anyway still gorgeous
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-3 Points (Australia)
Although it doesn't quite look like an OEM production car straight out of the showroom, it does seem to be one of the more realistic approaches this round. The colour is brilliant and of course sticks nicely to trademark McLaren colours.

-2 Points (France 1)
I don't like how much the car has been lowered here, it detracts too much from the realism which is something I can't stop thinking about when looking at it. However, the approach with the design is one which I feel isn't too over the top, and the brushing is really nice.

-1 Point (Hungary 1)
Not a huge fan of the colours, but out of the rest of the entries this one takes the final spot for me due to the approach with the design. It's not over the top, it's not too far from the lines you'd come to expect from a McLaren, and the setting is nice.
3pts Team Australia - Datass <3 Great background also.

2pts Team France 1 - Great looking car with great looking BG.

1pts Team Italy 6
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3pts - Team Hungary 1
Absolutely love this design, looks brutal and simple at the same time.
With a different color scheme it would've been even better.

2pts - Team France 1
Liked the design and the setup, but imo it could be a bit less lower.

1pt - Team Turkey 3
The design doesn't really work on me that much, but it's all very nicely executed.
3 Pts
Goes to TEAM FRANCE 1 , this is SO sexy love the look of this car, i love the new rear vent above the rear arch and the low roof line is slick! wheels are nice to but the front wheel should not be that much smaller then the rear.
ONly thing that is a bit of a let down is the front bumper matt black aera, if this was realistic it would have been perfect.

2 Pts
Team TURKEY 3., SICK CAR! , the realism is not high but the design is Amazing, i love the front bumper side parts, the middle is a bit to similar to the porsche concept but great work indeed.

1 Pts
Goes to TEAM AUSTRALIA , this is a great render LOVE the feel of the scenery and the wheels are great, the rear end is a bit nice just the small exhaust makes it look a bit funny, the oversize door on the right side is a bit weierd but the hole look of the scene makes up for it.
3 points - Team Turkey 3
2 points - Team Poland 3
1 point - Team Australia

will edit in comments when i find the time for it, in the middle of exams right

now. sorry for my incompetence
Sorry I cannot have any other input on this round Klaus wants my vote in. I was completely swamped in senior design and finals this whole last week. School is done so future rounds won't be an issue for me.

Australia - Sexy as hell. With there was a front angle shot but this will have to do. By far the best realism and executed chop in this division. The only picky point I see is that the doors seem huge and out of proportion. Very well done chop guys.

Italy 6 - Awesome concept. An oem version may have helped win me over but the wheels and the whole rear end of the car aren't doing it. It seems a little thrown together and the wheels do not match the style and don't flow with the execution of the chop. They sti really odd and unfunctionally in the rear fenders. The front looks great but the rear needs more care or a hatch

Poland 3 - Front shot looks a little skewed and off to me. The styling reminds me of the previous McLaren cars without screaming a specific model. Cleanly done
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3 pts Poland 3 - Good execution of what could be a F1 successor. Not a fan of the perspectives, but I can imagine that gave you some challenge aswell. Rear end could've been a bit more "outlandish" but cant really fault the direction they decided to go in.

2 pts France 1 - In my opinion this doesnt look like a Mclaren. It looks like a beefed up lotus/artega. But through the grace of the other teams you made the #2 spot.

1 pt Hungary 1 - The proportions are throwing me off bigtime. But it's still slightly more believable than team turkey's entry. With a couple more changes this could've been epic.
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