MOVED: JUDGE VOTING: Round 2 - Division 2

VOTING: Round 2 - Division 2

This is the voting thread for Round 2 - Division 2. Please vote for entries in this division only.

For reference, this is was the task:
"Produce your version of the McLaren F1's successor."

With much speculation around the Automotive world about the McLaren F1's successor (codenamed P12), we want you to produce what you think it may look like.

This round the best entries will be those that are original, realistic, stylish and represent the McLaren brand best. Judges will be voting on this criteria, so you'd be best to follow it! Entrants should remember that ONLY judges are voting this round, there will be no community vote - meaning that if you would like to progress through to the next round, do your best to impress us by following the above criteria.

Remember, we're looking for a REALISTIC successor to the F1. Go ahead and do some research on what the next Mclaren hypercar could look like, because this round includes some homework to go along with your chopping.

This time around there is NO SET BASE, so you must choose wisely which perspective (or perspectives!) you will tackle!


Team France 2
WIP Image

Team Italy 3
WIP Image

WIP Image

WIP Image

Team Lithuania 3 (20% vote penalty)
WIP Image

Team Serbia
WIP Image

Team Spain 1
WIP Image

WIP Image
Bonus: Catalogue

Did not submit:
Team Brazil 2
Team Germany 2
Team Hungary 11

Please click each image to view the HIGH RESOLUTION version.


You are reminded to check the rules of voting listed in the Official Rules of the competition


- This year we will only be asking you to place your top three chops in order of preference. Please do your best to vote unbiased toward team members and their country of origin. Posts that do not include constructive feedback (i.e. why you like / dislike the chop) will not be counted.

Vote in the following format:

- 3 points = Team Non-Desert (Given to the best entry)
Followed by an extensive critique

- 2 points = Team Nicaragua 4 (Given to the second best entry)
Followed by an extensive critique

- 1 point = Team Greenland 7 (Given to the third best entry)
Followed by an extensive critique

The TOP 3 voted entries from this division will progress to Round 3.

Voting will close on on Sunday 27th May, 10am GMT+10 (Midnight GMT)
puszka321 wrote:
please video xD
MK211 wrote:
I really like the nos coming out of the rims
3p to Italy 3.
Original good-looking design although it doesn't clearly say "I am a McLaren". I say again here that adding the side gills into the design would have brought is so much closer. THREE views is definitely a big bonus! It bothers me a little that in one of them the car is black though. Presentation-wise it's confusing. "Is this another entry? Oh wait no, it looks similar to the white one."

2p to Serbia.
Oh dang, you HAD the gills in the wip stages! Would have been perfect if you'd kept them in the design somehow. The side looks a little plain generic supercar now without them. The rest looks pretty good.

1p to Spain 1.
Although perspectives and proportions are a little wonky it is a strong entry. It definitely says "I am a McLaren". The thing that strikes my eye the most is the driver. He's way too small in there!
Another interesting division it would seem, so here goes...

3pts - Team Serbia - For me one of the most in proportion of all the entries across all 3 divisions. The reason being that I can still see some of that classic f1 shape, but more 'modern'. I do feel that maybe the side could be a bit more wild and extreme - but the rest looks really nice. To top it all off there looks to be some very nice brushwork and a nice composition in the picture. Well done.

2pts - Team France 2 - On the face of it I think this entry could easily be overlooked, but looking for longer and in more detail you begin to realise how awesome it is! It still harks back to the original f1, in so many ways, but it just looks so much more imposing, menacing and agressive!

1pts - Team Spain 1 - I really quite like how this looks! Reminds me a lot of the old f1, but with a new twist! It may be a bit toony in places, maybe the front view, but the design is pretty cool, and the effort is clear, especially considering the base pictures and the production of the backdrops - really quite a transformation! Well done!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Why the others didn't make it (in no order):

Team Italy 3 - er... "Produce your version of the McLaren F1's successor." For me it doesn't have the slightest McLaren feel. Lotus? Yes. BMW? Yes. Lamborghini? Yes. Noble? Yes. McLaren... no :/ And that's really why it didn't make my top 3. The brushing looks good, and I admire the effort, but for me it's not what was asked for. The other swaying factor is that if you google "mclaren concept", various university student's projects appear, with surprisingly similarly shaped side vents... so it just doesn't seem that original. Sorry

Team Lithuania 3 - almost made my top 3. Was knocked out only on the design really. Love the brush and the whole colour, but the design doesn't feel like it's been thought through well enough. Those big bulging headlights with this small fiddly and angular vents? Doesn't really work for me, but good effort none the less.
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In general, I'm not too impressed with any of the entries in this division. Nonetheless, here are my impressions:

3pts-Team Lithuania 3: In short, I believe its the closest to the successor. The rendering is nice, not over done (for the most part). However, seems to be more of a MP2 than an F1. The gullwing door is a nice addition.

2pts-Team Spain: Love the rear shot; looks like an updated version of the F1; which I believe was the goal of this round. A few technical errors and a general sense of unrealism keep this from the top slot.

1pts-Team Serbia: Fits the role of "badass super car." Orange paint on rims and graphics really miss the mark here--although it look cool, it wouldn't be found on a production car.
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3 pts - Team Serbia : The original F1 was a true supercar. And you guys brought it into this century very well. The rear rim looks a bit off to me, and when I look at your WIPs I think you had some better ideas for the side than the final one. The side window could use a B-pillar though ;)

2 pts - Team Lithuania 3 : I really like the colorcombination and the styling looks good too. Just does headlights don't fit the picture. I think you got them off a Peugeot? But they make the car look a bit like some cheap Chinese supercar... Combine this with the Lamborghini brakes and you really got a mix'n'match car... Besides that I do like it though!

1 pt - Team Spain 1 : Although I must say the quality could be better on this, I picked it for it's design/ideas, and that's what this round was about. It has some interesting features and still looks like a McLaren. I do think that if this team goes through, you guys have to raise the bar a bit for yourselves.
3 Points - Team Serbia

Great design work and even better execution. One of the best, if no the best entry of this round in my opinion.

Areas of improvement:
- Car doesn't look colour matched to the background. For example, the trees in the reflections on the paint look really green, whereas the trees we can see look a lot yellower.
- The girl inside the car looks fake. I think you could have done that a bit better.

Overall it's a great chop though :-d

2 Points - Team France 2

I can really see this as a potential F1 successor. Good job for straying from the MP4-12C lines a bit more!

Areas of improvement:
- Paint is detailed but lacking significant shadowing and highlighting across it. It looks like a flat base colour with a few reflections on top. I'd like to see a lot more variation in the tones of the paint; from orange in the highlights, to a deep brown in the shadows, just to give the paint some depth.
- Not a huge fan of the nose of the car. Perhaps something a little more MP4-12C inspired would have worked better.

1 Point - Team Italy 3

Great execution here, and good stuff for putting together three images for the whole presentation.

The main problem as I see it (and many others) is that there really isn't anything that shouts McLaren about it. It just looks like a generic supercar, and in that way you missed the point of the round: to create something that would look like an F1 successor.


The other chops that didn't make the list:

Team Spain 1 - You were very close to making my vote, but the execution isn't quite there for me. It's quite toony, and some of the parts from the rear don't match the front.

Team Lithuania 3 - Another one that was close. Looks pretty nice, but nothing really F1 like about it.
puszka321 wrote:
please video xD
MK211 wrote:
I really like the nos coming out of the rims
3pts. - Team Italy 3

The overall quality of all three chops is just amazing in my eyes. Realistic looking, great real design work, you all took your "pencils" and actualy designed a mclaren concept vehicle. Although you might have designed it a couple of years further away in the future than the task given but it still is i'd say breathtaking.Though i have to say the renders look a bit too 3d to me :S, the front view is the best for me.

2pts. - Team Serbia

First entry i've seen so far that really looks like a successor of the f1, and one hell of a good looking successor! Beautiful design work, looks like a mclaren, though i doubt they would have gone with rims with coloured lips :S Deffinatly would have been a winner in my list, but just doesn't have the quality of the work as team italy3

1pts. - Team Lithuania 3 (20% vote penalty)

Quite solid looking entry i have to admit. Nothing is over exaggerated, everything fits well together.Couple of good design choices, some bad ones (the taillights :) ) but overall a great entry.
3pts - Team Lithuania 3
Nice design (again a lot MP2 more than F1). I like the color combo
Execution is flawless.

2pts - Team Serbia
Great design, really make me think of a successor of the F1. Some side design in the wips were better i think.
Execution is great too for a black paint.

3pts - Italy 3
For the amount of work and quality (even if this 3D story isn't really clear to me)
As for the design, i also think you miss a the point, this car could be anything but a McLaren :/
This is a seriously difficult division to vote, but not in a good way unfortunately. most of them don't resemble mclarens or the fact they look too tuner styled. So im voting mainly on execution and overall appeal of the image

3pts - Team Serbia
Gotta love it!
Although it's too heavily modified, it looks amazing as a completed image.
Im in love with the choice of colours and the shape of the body, brushing is also fantastic!

2pts - Spain 1.
Proportions are a bit weird, the front and rear image dont match so well. on the rear shot, the rear look too narrow and tall where as the front shot of the car it looks alot more aggressive and fat!
It's an interesting design and has a blend of previous mclarens which is what I like to see. The Catalog is a neat bonus touch which I love, this shows they are thinking outside the box! which is why I'm giving them 2nd place.

3pts- Team Lithuania 3
Another tuner, but it retains the shape of the mclaren.
I really like how the lip/ front bumper is split into 2, very interesting idea. But im not a fan of 2 tone and forged wheels, as it is suppose to be factory looking car/ Chop

Just missed the mark:
France: the design is very sharp and looks aggressive, but the nose shouts Ferrari and the image just dont pop out enough to catch my eyes
Italy: quality work, I remember people asking if it was 3d rendering or PS'd haha. I love the work, but it just doesn't shout mclaren to me.
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3pts - Team Serbia
I love the sleek lines and styling, and I honestly believe it could be a real modern update of the F1 successor. If the car looks like this (and I had the money :P)) I'd buy this straight away.

2pts - Team Lithuania 3
Very realistic, and I also thought the styling looks like a theoretically accurate portrayal.

1pts - Team Spain 1
A solid attempt. I liked seeing this variation. I think the rear cabin styling is a little bit out there, but the side styling looked good. For the rear view, I think it needs some tail lights in there.. Is that guy brushed also?

//other notable chops
Team Italy 3
Perhaps more Marussia than McLaren... it's just a bit too boxy, rather than having sleek and flowing lines what the F1 is known for. Nonetheless I thought this was a good artists interpretation of what it could look like. As for other design things, I think the shoulder height is too high. That last view is awesome.
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