1 > team italy 3 , 3 versions all look very concept like , love the front version most
best out of the entrys in this section imo

2 > team serbia > not real concept feeling but imo this really reminds me of the old f1
just the roofline and proportions make this a very modern take on the old f1
chop looks very nice :-d

3 > team Lithuania 3 , color is stunning , i like the looks and overall feel
def a nice entry , placed 3 because i think it looks too flashy for it to be the next f1..
i mean it has got a more flashy supercar feel , like a rappers supercar , then the racy look and feel the f1 would look like made by mc laren ..
3 pts: Team Spain 1
Amazing attention to the details, and compared to some of the other entries, you've really captured the essence of what a McLaren really should look like!

2 pts: Team Italy 3
Great work! It actually kinda reminds me of something Glac would have made, which isn't all bad :P
Kinds sharky as well, a cheeky design overall. +1 for the front view.

1 pt: Team Serbia
This one was difficult, because honestly, all I see left are Ferraris and Zondas. Gonna have to go with Serbia though, based on execution.
-3 Points (Lithuania 3)
I feel this is the closest to what I think the successor may look like, although bouncing off what Josh said about this division, I think some of the entries could have been executed with a more educated approach.

-2 Points (Serbia)
Again, it's more of a case of ranking these in the order of which I think they are more likely to match the successor, and this entry came second for me. The brushing is sweet, but maybe a little toony.

-1 Point (Spain 1)
This would have been higher in the ranks for me if it wasn't for the headlights. I feel some research should have been done in to stylistic trademarks of different generations across models, and generations should share the same kind of flares, such as headlights, bodylines, etc. The headlights are too far in the opposite direction for me.
In short...

3pts Team Serbia - Very agressive shape.Reminds me Zonda ;P

2pts Team Italy 3 - Great looking images,all of them,very realistic.

1pts Team Spain 1 - Rear image is amazing,really close to the first F1.
3pts - Team Serbia
Very nice shiny black paintjob with orange details, works for me.
Design is also very nice and simple.

2pts - Team Lithuania 3
Very nice job with the execution and the overall design.
Just those Peugeot headlights doesn't work on me at all.

1pt - Team Italy 3
It's pretty neat concept, but doesn't really look like a future McLaren F1 to me.
3 Pts
TEAM ITALY 3, jeez what can I say, this thing is MEAN, love the low rooflines and the wheels and the cleanness of this car is insane, its just a perfect looking vehicle.
and having 3 views just makes it that much better!; its a joy to look at, lovely composition on the bridge and I would want one if I could.
The WIP images makes it even better seeing how its done, it REALLY looks like a 3D render on the front and side view, but seeing the wips makes u realize these guys can chop ;)

2 Pts
TEAM LITHUANIA 3 This is a GREAT looking car realistic and love the white and red combo, also great looking wheels and scenery

| PtsT
TEAM SERBIA this is a great render lovely black car with orange details and quite high realism, the front end is great design wise love that and the orange stripe sets it off as well.
3 points - Team Serbia
2 points - Team France 2
1 point - Team Spain 1

will edit in comments when i find the time for it, in the middle of exams right

now. sorry for my incompetence
Sorry I cannot have any other input on this round Klaus wants my vote in. I was completely swamped in senior design and finals this whole last week. School is done so future rounds won't be an issue for me.

Serbia - Love the progression in the WIPS, love the styling. Very clean chop overall

Italy 3 - Doesn't scream McLaren to me but the design is solid and great choice with the frontal shot. Very creative and clean execution.

Lithuania 3 - Really creative design but seems a little date as well in the style. Very, very well executed brushing and matched the donors/environment well.
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3pts Serbia - Very classic believable shapes. It certainly looks like it would go for another speed record. Only critiques for me is the rear is a bit long/wide and it could use some more defining features.
2pts Spain 1 - I really dont like the front lights. But a lot seems to pay homage to the original F1 and while I cant quite see Mclaren go that direction it narrowly takes second spot.
1pt Italy 3 - Gave their own unique spin on it, very creative showcasing of the details. While I wouldnt describe it as a mclaren on first sight, I wouldnt have done the same with the MP4 either. That said though it is so far removed that you could put any car badge on it and it would somehow be believable.
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