MOVED: JUDGE VOTING: Round 2 - Division 1

VOTING: Round 2 - Division 1

This is the voting thread for Round 2 - Division 1. Please vote for entries in this division only.

For reference, this is was the task:
"Produce your version of the McLaren F1's successor."

With much speculation around the Automotive world about the McLaren F1's successor (codenamed P12), we want you to produce what you think it may look like.

This round the best entries will be those that are original, realistic, stylish and represent the McLaren brand best. Judges will be voting on this criteria, so you'd be best to follow it! Entrants should remember that ONLY judges are voting this round, there will be no community vote - meaning that if you would like to progress through to the next round, do your best to impress us by following the above criteria.

Remember, we're looking for a REALISTIC successor to the F1. Go ahead and do some research on what the next Mclaren hypercar could look like, because this round includes some homework to go along with your chopping.

This time around there is NO SET BASE, so you must choose wisely which perspective (or perspectives!) you will tackle!


Team Croatia 2
Base Image
WIP Image

Team Germany 1
Base Image
WIP Image

Team Hungary 10

WIP Image

Team International 2
WIP Image
WIP Image

Team Italy 2
Base Image
WIP Image

Team Poland 4
WIP Image
WIP Image

Team Portugal 1
Base Image
WIP Image

Did not submit:
Team Bulgaria 4
Team Czech
Please click each image to view the HIGH RESOLUTION version.


You are reminded to check the rules of voting listed in the Official Rules of the competition


- This year we will only be asking you to place your top three chops in order of preference. Please do your best to vote unbiased toward team members and their country of origin. Posts that do not include constructive feedback (i.e. why you like / dislike the chop) will not be counted.

Vote in the following format:

- 3 points = Team Non-Desert (Given to the best entry)
Followed by an extensive critique

- 2 points = Team Nicaragua 4 (Given to the second best entry)
Followed by an extensive critique

- 1 point = Team Greenland 7 (Given to the third best entry)
Followed by an extensive critique

The TOP 3 voted entries from this division will progress to Round 3.

Voting will close on on Sunday 27th May, 10am GMT+10 (Midnight GMT)
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puszka321 wrote:
please video xD
MK211 wrote:
I really like the nos coming out of the rims
3 Points - Team Poland 4

Really good stuff on this. The design work is great, and the execution is streaks ahead of the rest of the entries in this division.

Areas of improvement:
- The design work is quite nice, but I'd like to see it a little more changed from the bases. There seems to be a lot of MP4-12C left in there - the rear especially.

2 Points - Team Hungary 10

Great work on the design here, particularly the front view. I like how you've incorporated the design features of the old F1 in the front bumper design - and stylishly too!

Areas that could do with some work:
- The rear view isn't as good as the front in terms of design. In my opinion it looks too similar to the MP4-12C. As well as this, the lower diffuser looks off perspective
- The perspective of each car with the background doesn't match, and in this way it's kind of disorienting.
- Reflections on each car don't match the background either.

1 Points - Team Germany 1

Another good effort in terms of design. Good execution too!

Areas to improve:
- Not a huge fan of the front bumper design.
- The car has too much black parts, make a few of them body coloured and it'd look a lot better in my opinion.

In my opinion there is no doubt that these are the top 3 entries, but I found them very difficult to order.

The other chops that didn't make the list:

Team Italy 2 - A really good chop, but completely missed the point of the round. Remember, we were looking for a realistic render!

Team Portugal 1 - Quite nice, but the whole car quite toony. The colour doesn't do anything for me either.

Team Croatia 2 - Too many white reflections all over the car. It also lacks the level of sophistication of a number of the other entries.

Team International 2 - A pretty cool design despite the perspective oddities. Would be good to see it finished.
puszka321 wrote:
please video xD
MK211 wrote:
I really like the nos coming out of the rims
3p to Portugal 1.
Sure, the paint is a little flat but it doesn't take anything away from the fact that the design is original and everything works. I would have wished the side gills like on the predecessor McLaren F1 were also present on this one.

2p to Poland 4.
Got the gills I mentioned above but the rest of the design lacks originality. It's just a MP4-12C with a different side. Front and rear views are definitely a bonus. Great technical execution!

1p to International 2.
Excellent design! It's got the gills and while still having the styling cues from MP4-12C it isn't exactly like it. But since the task was to produce something it might look like this falls a little short. If it was rendered with more detail it could have taken 2p more.

Bonus mention to Italy 2.
Sweet design! Very inspiring. But since the task was to create something realistic this one goes way off the point. Best entry by design and execution and I hate not to give points for you guys but rules are rules.
Hmm some tough choices here, but off I go XD

3pts - Team Poland 4 - It does look a lot like an mp4-12c, but it seems subtly different - just something about it that makes it feel bigger, and better and more imposing.. and really quite a different beast.
The execution is what really wins it for me though, loving the paint and the overall atmosphere and paint of the chop, and while this isn't the main focus in this round, it certainly helped :-d

2pts - Team Hungary 10 - Even more like the mp4-12c for me, but once again some subtle changes really make a big difference. It would have been nice if the rear end could have mirrored the futuristic style of the front end but meh - I guess there wasn't time in the end.
Good effort - but might have been cool with some more mods!

1pt - Team Germany 1 - Really wasn't a massive fan of the design of the front end, but I admire the creativity, and the rest of the car looks pretty sweet - I can see that being a similar shape to a potential mclaren. Overall atmosphere of the chop is good, and the quality is generally there, just seems a bit toony in areas, but good try! :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Why the others didn't make it (in no order):

Team Croatia 2 - This design wasn't too bad, and as with germany's it had a cool atmosphere, however the design felt a bit too angular and lambo-esque, and not enough mclaren. Was a bit toony in places and feels perhaps a little unfinished around the grille, but overall a good effort.

Team International 2 - Surprisingly this was close to making my top 3, despite being completely unfinished, or so it seemed. However I liked the concept sketch style and the design was one of the better entries this round. It's a tough choice but I felt it lacked the effort shown with some of the other chops, and perhaps the visualisation of the potential car to be released next week.

Team Italy 2 - I admire your guts, but it doesn't really feel at all McLaren-like to me. It seems a bit big and cumbersome, and overly futuristic. The proportions don't seem quite right either, mainly those massive front headlights so close together, and the incredibly short wheel base. The execution is top quality, however this round wasn't all about that, sorry.

Team Portugal 1 - I'm sorry but this doesn't really do much for me. The design feels incredibly dated - those rear arch vents are, for lack of a better phrase "so last century". Not overly keen on the mix with the angles and the curves either - it sort of feels as if it's been split into two halves - the bottom all angles and boxyness, the top curves as if it's melted. As for the paint it feels really rather toony, one of the most toony in the division, and it feels very rushed, but the colour is really cool - the red with this lighting and atmosphere feels really nice :)

Good luck to all :-d
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3pts - Hungary 10 - Looks like a combination of the F1 and MP4-12c which is good and bad at the same time. I feel like the styling could've been a little more unique. The execution is damn good personally, the quality overall flows evenly with the mods and the background. The added rear shot in the same picture is a nice touch. Overall this one screams 21st century F1 predecessor

2pts - Poland 4 - Very tasteful and artistically executed. The brush and reflections flow well with the background as well as the quality of the wheels. Everything flows nicely. It also combines certain aspects of the current McLaren but not enough to make it feel like it. Its lower, wider, and looks faster in nature

1pt - Germany 1 - some quality issues in the brushing and exterior selection of the car. The front looks off as well including the front plate seeming off-kilter. The rear fender well gets darker as you go outside which is backwards. Not feeling the super clean lines in the back and aggressive lower front fascia, fixed with the same doors as the F1.
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A much better collection of entries in this division. My votes are as follows:

3pts-Team Hungary 10: Again, another successor to the MP4 rather than F1; regardless a beautiful rendering that properly showcases a near-production-ready car. Overall, a bit unclean and could use a healthy does of tidying up.

2pts-Team Poland 4: Probably the most impressive rendering thus far, yet doesn't scream McLaren like a few of the rest (paint color?). ADV.1 were a poor choice in my opinion. I would prefer to see a production/OEM wheel.

1 pt-Team Portugal 1: Although a fabulous rendering, the design suffers from a heavy dose of smoothness. Something seems to be missing, but its hard to put a finger on. Cheers for finding a proper set of wheels for this competition.
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3 pts - Team Germany 1 : The design looks fresh with just a wink at the original F1. The color combination looks cool and although the highlight on the front might be a bit too much, so does the paint. Think it might look better if the rear was a tiny bit shorter.

2 pts - Team Hungary 10 : You guys kept the proportions of the MP4-12C nicely without making it look like you just modded one. I like the futuristic look of this and although you wouldn't necessarily say it's a new F1, it sure looks like a new McLaren supercar.

1 pt - Team Portugal 1 : The setting is very cool and I like the design of the front. The side however lacks the extravagance of the front. It looks plain and maybe even a bit dated compared. The sidevent just lacks a little frivolity, it's too straight. Same for the vent behind the sidewindow, it looks heavy and doesn't flow with the lines of the roof and window.
3pts - Hungary 10
More like the MP4-12c but i love the design especially the front.
Execution is nice and realistic

2pt - Germany 1
Original design but there is still something mcLaren.
Brushing and atmosphere are really awesome. (a bit toony in place)

3pts - Poland 4
A lot of MP4 12C, especially the rear, but some small difference here and there, and i must say, it works well :-d
We can see a lot a of work involved here, but it could be a bit more clean in place.
I like this monochromatic atmosphere too.

PS: Italy 2 you did an awesome in execution and futuristic design
But sorry, even if i love your chop, it wasn't the point of this round
3pts. - Germany 1
For me this is the only entry that came close to the task given. First, they picked out a base photo of the actual task car masked out, and captured the outline of it perfectly. Next the design of the side is modern, yet has that fin on the door area witch is similar to the original f1 outlet, but a modern interpretation of it, not a simple copy. I liked this detail a lot. Moving on to the front, i do feel the front is lacking something. the design is totally different and i have to say kinda zonda like to me. The brushing is descent, toony on some areas, but quite good, except for that white area on the front (left from the near headlight)

2pts. - Poland 4
Overall great looking chop. The brushwork has been done really well (except for that blury front bumper) the design clues of it beeing a mclaren are there, though it is lacking that agressive/raw look the old one had. Plus kind of a big setback are the rims, i would have liked to see it in some mclaren oem rims (preferably modified to go with the concept look).

3pts. - Hungary 10
This is one really descent chop. The guidelines given were followed as much as possible. The car looks realistic, though it hasn't been rebrushed as we can see from the wips, and for me that is kinda mandatory i'd say, cos you are a team of 3 and therefor it would be even easier to rebrush a car. The task was to design it yes, but this is a choping/skill comunity, and if you would have c/ped another body colour on to the orig would have been ok (if it was done correct) but here you have only made modifications to the orig, which is why i put this on the last place.
though the design of the front is really really good for me! great job on the design.
3pts- Team Hungary 10
First off, I love the sharpness and the color of the whole image, really pops out.
Design wise, I can see the blend of mp4-12c and the F1, but I really love what you have done with it.
I think the background or the placement of the car looks weird. Left car should be rotated counterclockwise a little bit, also the tyres have a bright orangey glow which isn't on the car's paint/body.

2pts - Poland 4
Heavily modified Mp4-12c :P
Love the tone/ choice of scenery. very clean image, beauty!
A few issues though: The choice of adv1 wheels on a factory concept car is abit out of place, on the front image the white strips aren't reflected on the car body, and the car isn't as sharp as the background (Run a sharpen filter on the car)

1pts - Germany 1
I like how much of the spy shot they incoporated to the chop and a very unique entry, but Im not a big fan of the design. paint lacked a bit of detail on the side which look toony and I think the car looks really long. Where as previously F1 and mp4 has rather short looking wheelbases
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