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3pts - Portugal 1
Absolutely stunning. A great insight into what it could look like. Perhaps slightly a few years in advance if anything, but still really loved seeing it and would hope an F1 does look like this one day!

2pts - Hungary 10
A very realistic take on what it could look like. True, it closely resembles the MP4 12C.. but then again we've seen with the GTR and the proto for example, that car companies don't stray too far from existing designs in these kinds of things. You have me convinced and I certainly think it could look like this. I like how it also shares styling cues from the original F1.

1pts - Poland 4
Great execution and nice work on doing both front and rear views. The only thing setting it back from the other 1st/2nd entries was I don't feel it was as close a 'real' representation as the other two were.. The side vent and rear quarter was too boxy perhaps. Still an awesome piece of work nonetheless.

//other notable chops
Italy 2
Love this one, it reminds me of the Audi RSQ concept from ages ago. I think this is a really cool take on it, while it's not realistic it's a nicely executed concept.
1 > team portugal 1

after a good comparison and it was not easy this was my favorit ..
just love the look and atmosphere :-d could def. be the next car they make / facelift ....
i do feel the grainyness is something that kills it a bit on the hr , cant understand why you guys would make it that grainy ...

2 > team germany 1

my second favorit , really fits in the > Remember, we're looking for a REALISTIC successor to the F1 , imo this meets the criteria
the side mirrors looked a bit weird to me , and one thing .. that license plate looks so unrealistic and flat ... that is something you guys should never have put there imo :P

3 > team poland 4
props on the angles , and i love the interiour , your entry also meets this comp citeria very well :-d
in fact if it was a little bit less blurry you would have been in either 1st or second place for me :-d

special credits go to team italy , for me the best / very best entry of this section ..
i just love it and quality / execution and looks are stunning..
but i cant vote for team italy because there is no way this type of look / drive / technique will be the next successor of the f1 (sadly)
so next time also follow the comp criteria ... really feel double and wanted to put this team in first place , but it would not be fair to do so...
3 pts: Team Hungary 10
Obviously. Stunning work.

2 pts: Team Poland 4
Design is quite awesome, maybe not McLarenish enough, though.

1 pt: Team Croatia 2
I'm not very sure, but there's something about it. I like the scenery too.

Other comments:

4 pts: Team Internationally #1
:-d :-d :-d
-3 points (Team Hungary 10)
This for me was the most realistic entry in terms of what could be considered the next in McLaren's line-up. The brushing is sweet, and the lines are very reminiscent of the current generation which is the MP4-12C. Sweet work!

-2 points (Team Poland 4)
Very close second to Team Hungary 10 for exactly the same reasons. The only reason this wasn't at number 1 was because I found the composition of Hungary's entry more pleasing on the eye.

-1 point (Team Portugal 1)
My personal opinion is that this is one of the least likely to be the successor to the F1, however I'm not qualified enough to decide that. The direction which was taken was an educated one, and the guidelines were followed very nicely. The brushing is very nice too, and the atmosphere is sweet.

Noted chop (Team Italy 2)
This was a tricky one to decide on for me. They took a risk with this, and Peppus even said that he was aware that they hadn't followed the guidelines closely, but rather they took a chance with something set a little bit in the future. My personal opinion is it's nice to have something like this in the competition. It's fresh, the brushing is beautiful
In short...

3pts Team Italy 2 - Shame that rear angle miss but front is amazing.Love concepts these days ;D

2pts Team Hungary 10 - Great cobo with 2 bases.Love the style of cars.

1pts Team Germany 1
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3pts - Team Poland 4
Loved the cold ambience on this one. Also loved the sleek design.

2pts - Team Hungary 10
Great design and execution, but there are some mistakes so 2pts.

1pt - Team Portugal 1
This reminds me of something that Marussia would do, but it looks cool.
With a bit better execution this would have maybe been higher on my list.
<Because I am short on time I will keep these short

3 Pts
Goes to Team Portugal 1
This is just clean and sexy, I Love this render, its great in design as well the flow of the design and the look of this car really stands out from the crowd , its not super realistic, but I does look like a McLaren that could be made not to long from now.

2 Pts
Goes to TEAM POLAND 4 , for me this is the best "total" look render, and the interior is very impressive, it might not be a new " Mc Laren , but imo its the best one overall also as they did 2 renders they did a really good job on Atmosphere and look.

1 Pts
Goes to TEAM ITALY 2, yeah its super futuristic and WAY over the top, but damn I love it, i would want one in the future and it looks just great , if this was " realistic " looking It would be my number 1.
3 points - Team Poland 4
2 points - Team Germany
1 point - Team Italy 2

will edit in comments when i find the time for it, in the middle of exams right

now. sorry for my incompetence
3pts Hungary 10 - Awfully close to the MP4 but still very believable features.
2pts Poland 4 - Only reason it didnt make 1 is because I recognize the original car and that doesnt exactly mesh with the philosphy mclaren has
1pt Germany 1 - It is very smooth which raises some questions, but overall it matches the direction the spyshot was going in.
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