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ding ding ding ding ding
ding ding
superb! :D

gratz to al!!
Congratulation for all teams! :-d
yes but I do not understand how is make the amount of public votes with the votes of the jury. 83.4 + 8 = 91,4 why it is 101,5??? and why pubblic votes are decimal???
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But how is this possible? Nn absurd I can not believe!!!!! :omg:
Even if we took the penalty of 10% of the vote in my opinion does not hit, because artists autemo have given their preference, and they have voted, decreed that we were first, what does it mean that voting No dates have been taken into account.
So are 2 things I have artists in autemo nn understand a club of photomontages that it's very unlikely because of artists like us B), have the judges that we can clearly see nn :roll:.
Do not want to criticize anyone and congratulations to tim past, but it is absurd not to believe all this is everything, I am thrilled outcome.
Can anyone give me an explanation of this judgment valid x, thanks.
Meanwhile we have to thank all those who voted for us :D :-d :(
Noxcoupe in fact, the points assigned do not match!
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thank you Guys :-d
:-d :-d :-d :-d nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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the points were clearly not just added up, but tallied with the ratio of judge votes vs public votes in mind and multiplied accordingly
public votes only made up 50% of the final score, if im not mistaken.

let me just make it clearer for you guys then
4th Place – Team Italy 8
Points from Public = 83.4 (1st)
Points from Judges = 8 (5th)
Combined Points = 101.5 (including 10% late penalty)

Total valid public votes: 55
Total judge votes: 15
Public / Judge Ratio: 3.666⋅

83.4 + 8 * ~3.7 = 83.4 + 29.6 = 113 pts
113 - 10% (10% being 11.3pts) = 101.7
even though my result is 0.2 different, it still doesn't bring you over the treshold (the talliers either made a mistake or rounded decimals differently)
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ok it is now clear! but i don't understand why pubblic vote is decimals.
Noxcoupe wrote:
ok it is now clear! but i don't understand why pubblic vote is decimals.

i hope because they added the average of team italy...many italian users voted here...;)
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