So many italian users are waiting the beginning!
Rates: 1 stolen 4 very bad 6 acceptable 7 realistic + nice 8 very good 9 awesome 10 awesome + epic
now 2012 likes on fb, come on start first round heheh
Making groups take 1 week i think xD
uh, i forgot for that xD
I believe in Admins :woot:
has anyone heard of any details into the bases??or maybe even a hint :)
Not starting it immediately after hitting 2000 likes, so stop getting so excited :P There's a few details to be ironed out first, we hit 2000 a lot faster than we thought we would.

When there's any more news, you'll see it on the forum or on either of the fb pages.
i guess peoples are just dying to start chopping :D
Yes,we are ;)
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