of this footstep we will never begin, you establish a date and him it departs, if it is waited for the 2000 fans it is begun next year.. <_<
disagree with above that its going to take that long XD
but it was a lot better when you had a deadline so people know they wont be missing out
when the battle begins?
I think you guys are misinterpreting what I said. The World Team Battle begins when our Autemo facebook page receives an aggregate of 2000 likes (not 2000 new likes). Currently we're at 1900 likes, so it should be less than a week before it starts (we need to gain 100 likes).
puszka321 wrote:
please video xD
MK211 wrote:
I really like the nos coming out of the rims
okk, thankĀ“s :-d
Go Autemo, we got tha 2k Likes <3
its 2000 now , what do I do =)
start it XD
Welcome to Wigs-Lace. Offering wigs, hair extensions, falls :awesome:


ToMiii @Facebook
let's start the competition :D
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