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Hi, this is my latest chop. Maybe, you have seen a WIP topic, so here is result :D It's almost brush (except wheels & background. So I hope you like it! :roll:

Click for bigger Original:

Click for bigger Chop:

WIP Thread

Ill be happy for all comments :-d
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awesome chop mate,close to pro =O
Awesome chop, Wheels is the perfect choice for this! :-d

A little bit toony, not much..

Great work!
Great chop
This show a lot of potential !
Brushing is very good, a lit bit toony in place but that's all i can critize
Bg is nice too
Shadow on the ground at the rear could be better and i don't like the exhaust

Anyway, congrats, you're in the right way for promotion i think :-d
good chop
keep it up :-d
great chop and nice color ;)
Thanks all for nice comments =O :)
very cool
bruching looks great , bit toony still but ...

also the shapes tend to become a tad more boxy but very cool work :-d :-d
The rear is toony, But i love it ! Amazing work dude !
awesome chop :-d
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