Hey guys, sorry so late. I was on vacation. Here are my votes:

4 pts: Team Poland 3- Simply badass, and stays true to the Mercedes style. I love the brushing and atmosphere in both renderings. This was an easy winner in my book.

3 pts: Team Australia- A wild interpretation; properly executed but has a few design flaws and rendering errors here and there.

2 its: Team Spain 1- Quite a few more mistakes, but not bad in the long run.

1 pt: Team France 1- My least favorite, but still a rendering to be proud of.
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Due to me being on holiday i wont leave c&c but my votes are same as samvesters
Team poland. Team australia. Team france . And team spain.
Sorry :) my the best win
I wont be giving well detailed critique as I usually do. That is because I'm fairly disappointed in the overall quality of the entries. So my ranking came down to technical details. Therefor, the ranking is:

4 points - Team Poland 3
3 points - Team Australia : It was a hard choice between this and france. Deciding factor is the additions to France's chop are nice, but relatively easy cp, compared to the work gone into Australia's additional styling details.
2 points - Team France 1
1 point - Team Spain : Felt this was the one with probably the most potential. However looks rushed.
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4 Points - Team Poland 3

Seriously, the amount of effort you put into this chop deserves the 4 points (and more!). Congratulations guys!

3 Points - Team France

Another really good chop! The only thing letting it down (for me) is the front view, which simply lacks everything that makes the rear view so special. Had the front been as impressive as the rear, you may just been close to first.

2 Points - Team Spain

Something audacious and different - so props for that. It does seem to lack the execution and finishing of the other chops. But still, great effort making it this far!
puszka321 wrote:
please video xD
MK211 wrote:
I really like the nos coming out of the rims
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