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VOTING: WTB 2012 - Final

This is the judge's voting thread for the Final of the 2012 World Team Battle.

For reference, this is was the task:
Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake (2013)

We've gone German again, this time with the latest offering from Mercedes-Benz. This is the epitome of luxury cars so it couldn't be more fitting for our main sponsor Luxury4Play.

This round, we have another sponsor in for the ride - Vossen Wheels - and they would like you to fit their wheels on your entries. Keep this in mind when choosing the theme or style of your entry!

And finally, here are the base images you must work your magic on!




Team Australia





Team France 1




Team Poland 3


Interior Shot
Interior Shot


Team Spain 1




Please click each image to view the HIGH RESOLUTION version.


You are reminded to check the rules of voting listed in the Official Rules of the competition


- For the final we will ask you to place all FOUR chops in order of preference. Please do your best to vote unbiased toward team members and their country of origin. Posts that do not include constructive feedback (i.e. why you like / dislike the chop) will not be counted.

- Do not vote for teams from your own country, or your own team.

Vote in the following format:

- 4 points = Team Non-Desert (Given to the best entry)
Followed by an extensive critique

- 3 points = Team Nicaragua 4 (Given to the second best entry)
Followed by an extensive critique

- 2 point = Team Greenland 7 (Given to the third best entry)
Followed by an extensive critique

- 1 point = Team Mozambique 2 (Given to the worst entry)
Followed by an extensive critique

Voting will close on on Monday 13th August, 8pm GMT+10 (10am GMT)
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puszka321 wrote:
please video xD
MK211 wrote:
I really like the nos coming out of the rims
4 pts - Team Poland 3 : A clear winner in my opinion. This chop has it all; style, atmosphere and a great execution. Only two things 'bug' me on the front version. The dashboard looks odd - it misses the bulge for the dials and the steeringwheel seems to be placed too closely to it. And the front tire looks a tiny bit blurry compared to the sharp paint. On the rear version the doorhandles look a bit flat and maybe the doorlines could use a bit more detail. The interior shots are a very nice bonus! I must admit it could've helped getting you in first place, but you deserved it even without those in my opinion.

3 pts - Team Australia : Great work on both front and rear version. Just because it's you guys I have to nitpick on the details. On the front version the mesh looks a bit flat and some parts are low Q - the interior and rims. And compared to the side the front looks a tad unfinished. On to the rear, again the rims could be better quality and I got the feeling you could've done more with the refs on the roof to make the car fit in the BG better. And lastly, to me it seems the car is missing the lip on the far side of the rear bumper.

2 pts - Team France 1 : Close to second place for me. The rear version looks awesome, love all the details you guys put in it and it's just done very well. The front version however isn't up to the same standards. Somehow the perspective of the car seems weird and I know black is a difficult color to get right, but some parts just look too toony/unfinished to me.

1 pt - Team Spain 1 : For me this is a chop with a lot of potential. The paint looks great on most places and the settings are nice too. But overall there are quite some spots that need attention and I personally just don't like the styling that much. Especially those horrendous exhausttips. Main points of concern for me are the headlights, the wingmirrors and the cleaned boot - the car has a fairly extreme bodykit and the cleaned bootlid just looks out of place for me.
4p to Poland 3. Technically the best one by far. Very stylish as well although nothing really original or fresh stands out as the body kit looks like something straight from another Mercedes. Concept A grille is a nice touch. Sweet interior and paint.

3p to France 1. Opening the doors to show more of the interior is always a lot of work. This one's been made really well too although adding a leather pattern onto the surfaces would have taken it onto another level. Also, the lighting for the interior looks dull. It should have darker shadows on it for it to fit into the atmosphere better. Wheels and tires fitment is weird in the rear view. Largest negative thing is the inconsistency between front and rear views. At first I though they were two separate entries from different teams! Body kit looks alright but the whole image looks a bit unfinished.

2p to Australia. Seems like either there were not enough time or motivation to whip up a chop for a final round as both views look very rushed, lack detail and feature a lot of low quality donors in there. Nothing special in the styling either I'm afraid. The body kit and wheel arches looks like something AMG already has on their models but without the craziness.

1p to Spain 1. Most rushed out of all the entries on this round. Unfinished brushed bits, and bad quality donors. Wheels in the front view being the most weird thing here.

EDIT: It says Semi-final voting up there in the first topic. I was all "wtf There's already results for semi-finals? And finals are up and the dates don't match!"
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4p Poland:

Amazing atmosphere and cool changes. Very luxury look there and great color choice.
The only one to say that both versions, front and rear are on a same high level. I like the lights under the sideskirt. Definitely technical, designwise and creatively the best.

3p France:

Because of Rear View!!! Awesome one. That's what the car is made for. I like the VIP style very much. For front view it seems that they had a few problems to finish it the same way like the rear one. But the rear view convinces more than the two other entries do with both versions together.

2p Australia:

Cool color choice and background. Bit too simple for me. You could definitely do much more and it looks (also it is strange to say that in a WTB final) a tad toony. Style is cool but the pictures as itself cant convince me that much

1p Spain:
What do the wheels do at front view? Overall a bit unfinished, nice ideas but nothing really matches together.
4p - Team Poland 3
Clearly the winner to me. atmosphere, color, brushing, style, interior, everything is awesome on both view ! tires are bad quality on the front view but that's all. Interior view is nice bonus. Congrats !

3p - Australia
I really like the color, the body and background on both view but that looks so unfinished. There a big lack of details in the paint, some low quality parts like the rims.

2p - Spain 1
This chop as some potential but there is too much mistakes: jaggy lines especially on rear view, rims as really on front view, roof track is so low quality.
Paint is really nice in some place and lack details in others...
And this compact styling is doesn't really make it to me.

PS: I would have vote France1 as second if i wasn't french. Rear view is gorgeous, perhaps best chop of this round but a shame the front view is really not as good.

PS2: I must admit i'm a bit disappointed by the overall level of this final round compare to the level on the previous rounds and previous final of the WTB. Well it's still very good but i was expecting more. I guess it's because of the vacations or something like that...
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RAS-Tuner wrote:
PS2: I must admit i'm a bit disappointed by the overall level of this final round compare to the level on the previous rounds and previous final of the WTB. Well it's still very good but i was expecting more. I guess it's because of the vacations or something like that...


Having said that, it has been incredibly closely fought, which has made it interesting :P

4pts - Team Poland 3 - I think you guys have it in the bag :D Congratulations - a strong team throughout :) As for this chop, I picked you for the top spot as it seemed like an overall well rounded chop, with a high level of realism and attention to detail. There also seems to be good likeness between front and rear, and a brilliant atmosphere. Interior shots are just a bonus to a well deserved first place - So well done!

3pts - Team France - Again a very strong entry, but seems to lack the same level of realism and atmosphere seen in poland's entry. However there are some brilliant ideas, and some brilliant brushwork, especially on the rear view! Really loved the small touches, like autemo on the laptop, and lots of detail throughout. I feel it's the difference in lighting and scene between the front and rear, and those rims (in the rear view) that let it down though, just doesn't quite feel like all one car quite so much. Very good effort though!

2pts - Team Australia - just pipped by france! You have no idea how close this was and what a hard decision I had to make XD! I must say, your kit design and colour+rim choice was my favourite of all the entries! So mean and aggressive. However the execution let it down a bit this time, and I feel the brushing is just a tad lacking in the detail of the entries above, and feels kind of over saturated compared to the backdrop. Having said that, metallic orange is one of the hardest colours to get right, especially in dimly lit indoor environments, so chops to be proud of I think! Well done :D

1pt - Team Spain 1 - First up well done on making it this far! But don't think because you've come 4th you've done a bad job - you haven't! You've actually put up a really good fight, and given some of the more established choppers a run for their money :P. I think you've given these entries a really good go - certainly the most creative kit of the 4 teams I think, and a very ambitious attempt at the lighting. It's been done well too, but it just lacks the detail and refinement of the other entries close up. A few perspectives here and there don't seem quite right either. But trust me you were very close to other entrants :) Well done!

Well done to all, a very closely fought final :D Good luck :-d
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4 pts. - Team Poland
Hands down, by far the best chop. So so beautiful! It's so avantgarde overall, both on the outside, but especially on the inside as well. Wonderful job!

3 pts. - Team France
Gonna have to admit that this vote is mainly based on the rear view, because it rocked my pants, and it rocked them good! The design is so lush, and the details with the money, champagne, and the lady really made me feel like it was something that I wanted to be driven around in!

2 pts. - Team Australia
I love that you've gone for a more extreme colour, and this was so close to 2nd, but it didn't quite do it for me though. It's a bit too simple I think, an awesome chop and all, but too simple.

1 pts. - Team Spain
Congratulations on making it this far, gotta give you that. It's far from a bad chop, but when running against the above contestants, you're gonna have a tough time, that's for sure. About the chop, some nice and agressive deisgn, however, I'm not very sure that it actually fits the car very well. After all, it still is a Mercedes, not a Civic. Nice one with the glass roof btw! But yeah, good effort boys, but the heavy guys are running off with the podium this year.
4pts - Team France.I love second image.First is amazing too but second is better in my taste ;)

3pts - Team Australia.Bit toony for me.But execution is great ;)

2pts - Team Spain.Nice brush but first pic loose bit angles.But final worthy ;)

Go Poland! :woot:
4pts - Team Poland 3
Definitely the best entry here. Loved the smooth, glossy paintjob and that kind of.. almost icy atmosphere is just great! Interior images are a nice plus here, they're both flawless also.

3pts - Team France 1
Clean brushwork from team France once again. From this duo the rear view is much more appealing to me, that deep purple paintjob looks so tasty and also the details there are just crazy.

2pts - Team Australia
Really liked the design here, but unfortunately it lacks some quality execution wise, both views are toony and some of the refelections don't make sense to me.

1pt - Team Spain 1
The color is very nice and goes well with the dark environment. With a bit more accuracy on the details and all around finishing this would've been on my top3, but now it looks a bit rushed.
4 pts - Team Poland 3 : Top shot looks slightly off on the background. The brushing is superb in my opinion. The style of the chop is well organized down to the puddle lights. Cleanly executed and not overdone. Definitely the best executed chop of the bunch and that is why it is first for me.

3 pts - Team Australia : Close second for me. The second best executed chop for me in that the brushing seems a little toony in places as well as possible perspective issues fitting it with the bg. But these bases look like they were difficult to fit on backgrounds. Nicely styled chop and great color choice matching elements in the background.

2 pts - Team France 1 : Love both angles. Except the fact that even with the extreme lighting and reflections, they don't match up in my opinion. If the frontal shot was so glared and reflective, I think the night shot could've looked similar .Body style and consistency between the two angles are good however.

1 pt - Team Spain 1 : The brushing looks great and the car is well put together except the biggest flaw in my opinion is the squished look of the frontal view, along with the lack of a rear spinning wheel. The rear view looks clean but the lighting of the wheels doesn't seem to match the rest of the chop. The bike is very toony looking imo and the rack looks so real it could use a matching rebrush
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