great job guys!
woow, good job team italy :-d

Now that's what we were looking for! Great work guys! :-d
puszka321 wrote:
please video xD
MK211 wrote:
I really like the nos coming out of the rims
I don't see mclaren there .. :D
jk great job
and guys , u forgot work in progress pics :-d
SICK!! 3 views.. just because of that, already deserve to pass round 3! Not to mention the superb design and realism of the 3 paints..

oh wait.. is 3D? superb but not what was asked ahah

good luck
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thanks guys,we will post wips soon :-d
thanks guys for compliments :mrteeth: :mrteeth:
>>>>> My Ferrari GTE <<<<<

>>>>> My Lancia Delta Concept <<<<<
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Where is the McLaren?...

I'm not sure, but it looks like a C4D Render.
Considering user Ferrari F40 has a WIP thread for a 3D rendering in 3D Studio Max 9 I would say they have been rendered. Thread here.
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But this is chopping competition, not a 3D modeling competition, it kinda loses the aim imo.
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