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Hi my names Nick, Im 20 years old, I live in Cornwall, which is in the south of the uk

I wouldnt say im a complete beginner at chopping, i know my way around photoshop.
However seeing how my work compares to some of the cars on here, i know i have got quite a bit to learn

I have learnt a lot from tutorials, I have never been taught to do any of this, My only problem is changing the background i am really bad at it, i can never quite make it match to the car

I drive a peugeot 206, which is good but slow, gone back to 75bhp, whereas before i had a 130bhp vw bora, sadly the ice killed it, but most people would say its my fault i suppose, either way its gone

Right thats me done, any comments and advice on my chops would be greatly appreciated, also
any comments in general are welcome, thanks



Check back soon.. (it's too late in the night and I've run out of redbulls I need to finish this area :P)