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Actually, I'm Gibraltarian, but as it's not on the list so UK.

I work as a software/database/website programmer, basically the guy that makes things work.

Self taught Photoshop as soon as I learned how to get Photoshop (age 14). Been chopping since 2006 not entirely sure what month, something me and my friends used to do to make the cars look how we wanted them to. Some real bad choices going round (some great ones too). Guess our fantasy cars (we sucked but we got better).

It's now become a bit of a side thing whenever I really get time to work on something, with the wife and baby on the way I see myself with less time to do this but we will see. I am a bit out of practice as you will see on some of the images.

I actually wonder if anyone reads this. Anyway enjoy and please comment.


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