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I'm Tibor Szucs. I am 31 years old and I live in Hungary. I studied art and history of art at the university of Szeged. Besides my job, I am trying to start my own business, and I am designing laptop stickers, flyers and logos.

I have been working with VT since 03.01.2009. Altough I came across with vt on hvtm.hu, where I was inspired by rookiejeno, phareck, Jakusa, beatle, Goodie and roobi's work. I learned the basics by watching Balu32, Pufferzsola, M-Boy /R.I.P./ and CRC on jvt.hu. In recent times, WalkBen, Gelips and Vinyo helped also and of course, phareck collegue as well.

Creative vt to all of you!


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