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My real name is Tommie Malm, I'm 19 years old and I live in Helsingborg- Sweden. My main interest is cars, especially japanese brands like nissan, mazda, honda etc, and chopping ofcourse .

I'm temporarly un-employed, but searching for a job as an automotive painter.

On my free time i usually hang out with friends and my girlfriend, or keeping up with photography and chopping.

I have been chopping seriously since sometime around September/ November 2009 but started to do some easy profile view mopeds in 2008 before Alex ( Nibs) introduced me to autemo, wich motivated me to become better and better after seeing how extreme some of the people here is.

I have also participated in WTB 2010 and 2011 with my team mates (Nibs, Algeroth and fishen).

It´s awesome to see how big autemo have become over the few years it have existed now, I'm hoping for even more awesome members, competitions and too see autemo grow even bigger, and I'm here for the stay so I won't be leaving for a good while :)

that's all i had to say for now, cheers.

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