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Hello to everyone, my name is Ralfs but you can call me Rafix. I'm from Jekabpils in Latvia and i'm 18.
I'm one of the people that have seen the light of art. I have been up to art in every way i can. Starting with paper, dancing, music, writing and other, i love doing all of the art styles. Art is something special that i have in my life. When time come and all the people are giving you ''back off no one'', art will leed you out of that. That's why i'm trusting it from little kid foot steps.
Digital art was something new for me and that time i needed something new. I like modified cars so i discovered virtual tuning by surfing internet for the easy ways to tune cars. And now virtual tuning or choping is my favorite art for now.
One of my dreams is to be one of the top chopers in virtual tuning art, i'm trying, but i know i need to try better. :)


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