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Country Venezuela
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Hello, I have 18 years now, I live in Venezuela and I raise my flag here in this forum and I am very proud to be Venezuelan Venezuelans are very few chopers so we try to do good works! I learned to draw cars from 7 years or so, then learned to drive at 12, am car enthusiast from an early age, I like to express myself with my work, I do not like complicated things so most of my chops are simple, not complicate me because I work fast and always take it as quicks, JDM culture is my passion as well as the HellaFlush! my favorite car is the Honda Civic or xd eg, I also like the evo iv, drawing, but I have a digital drawing board, I love the rally! disfrutren of my gallery, I'll upload my projects in resolution 1024, if you want to see them in HD on photochoperos.com visit my gallery, greetings from Venezuela! : D


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