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Preferred Style Euro/Luxury
Country Poland
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Age: 20
Dream Car: MK1 Golf with AAA engine, Old Beetle with Porsche engine, Mercedes S600
Hobbys: Graphics (virtual tuning especially), Bikes, Cars, Photography, Music, Drawing
Music: Reggae, DnB, Hardstyle
Games: Live for Speed, Euro Truck Simulator, Hard Truck series, Grand Theft Auto 3 (K-jah FM <3)
Favourite choppers: RC82, Pluum, Hugerth, Cop, Naj, Martin, RAS-Tuner, Abime, Iacoski
Favourite chops: Cop's BMW E46, RC82's BMW 2002, Hugerth's AE86, Martin's Honda Accord Mugen, Pluum's Infiniti G35, RAS-Tuner's Audi A6 Avant


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