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Age: 15
Name: Cristhian.
Country: Uruguay, Maldonado, Punta del Este.
Music: Hip-Hop, Metal, HardRock, RapRock, Techno, Dance, etc.
Interests: Cars, girls, friends, and more cars. xD
Hobbyes: Photochops, write songs, drive (motorbike) and study.
Car/s of the dreams: Honda Civic EK Sedan 1998, Honda Accord 6th gene, Dodge Charger SRT8.
Chopping Since: From April-May of 2010.
Things that you would like?: New Era Caps, Air Force One sneakers, tuning events, JDM Style..etc.
Style of preference: On Japanese cars, JDM, Hellaflush, and Mugen. Thats styles remixed with elegant pieces, shure. On Americans, DUB, V.I.P, Drag, Racing. On Europeans, Ruman xD, Tuning, etc..


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