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Hi, my name is Danis. I'm 22 years old.
I've been chopping for about 4 years.

Usually I chopped only C/P, kinda lazy to brush things and not forget to mention the lack of my PC tools here eventho I'm using a CS4 *sigh*

About a year ago I started to work at a local workshop and from that moment I can enjoy my works/chops becomes real, done by the workshop. Thanks to BTX Concept Workshop for making my chops becomes real.

And also not forget to say a big thanks to peoples at Autemo, DigiMods, VirtuaMods, CarChops, TunerzLive, VirtualTunerz & DigitalMods forums for making me more excited being an artists/choppers and for keeping me stay on the "right track".
It means a lot to me, thanks guys!

cheers to all :D


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