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Hello, good people! :)
Thanks to everybody who is actually reading this crap. Also thank you for watching my portfolio and chops. I hope u like them. if you want to see some of my drawings and high res of my chops visit my Dev art. link --> http://cptdesign.deviantart.com

Something about me:
My name is Valentino and i live in Croatia, near capital city (Zagreb). I chop since 2007 and draw since 2008. I really found my self in it and i totally enjoy doing it. So what should i say about me.. hmm.. I train Ultimate fight for 2 years, i go to Gimnasy (can't spell it right- damn), i'm 17 years old and i'm cute, lol... (if some cute girl is reading this please pm me ;) )
so that's it.. cya and i hope u¨ll like my work!

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