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I've been doing this as a hobby ever since i can remember. Probably before some of you were born...hahaha...Im 43 now and i started doing pencil drawings when i was a little kid. As time went on i remember cutting pieces of cars on magazines to make my own designs and as time and technology progressed i worked with everything from Microsoft paint to Corel to Autodesk Animator to the first versions of Photoshop. Working as a graphics artist is a job that i pretty much learn on my own with the help of some very good friends along the way since its not what i study for. Yet it has become my passion and i truly enjoy it. So even if i don't chop that much do to my responsibilities i still try to do something every now and then just to relax. Another thing i enjoy is watching the chops many of you make and many times I'm amazed by the great ideas you guys come up with and how technology helps you portray them. So feel free to contact me and i will share my knowledge and what i have learn through the years with you whether it's looking at WIP's or just sharing a technique. [email protected]

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