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Where can I start? I suppose first I should thank you for visiting my profile and taking the time to look around.

I have been chopping since 2007, where it just started out as a little experiment as to creating my dream car. Naturally not everything went as expected, but over the years I have improved dramatically, and continue to do so with each chop. As for my chopping style, I love low cars. When it comes to low, I can't get enough - low is a lifestyle. I also dabble with track cars, time attack, DTM etc, as you can see from my chops. My abilities however, are not limited to these few styles, and I am able to successfully bring to life virtually any idea at all.

Realism is also very important, however I believe this shouldn't be achieved merely by copy and pasting from photos. Instead I concentrate on making my brushing as realistic as possible, and use donors sparingly, for things like the rims and interior.

I also have past experience working for Larman of London producing renderings and designs to a very high standard within a limited time period. It was a challenge I relished and would love to take on more projects of a similar nature.

Feel free to PM or email me any questions you have - I am more than happy to help.

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