Thanks to all for the comments ;)
Damn it's sweet! :mrteeth:

Score great execution, but also a wonderful and rare base picture! :-d
absolutly perfect :mrteeth: :omg: :-d
Very very cool. The end result is splendid.
You turn a model ugly into a pretty chop.
Congratulations, a very crazy and cool job. :-d
hahaha thanks! The idea was take a unusual base, and make unusual changes xD
Pick-up version is sweet!!! =O =O =O This is so cool!!! :-d :-d
Chop To Express Not To Impress
Thanks onyx ;)
I love chop very good :-d :mrteeth:
Gracias Buster jajaja
What a surprise! When I chose the base I did not think that the car was going to so succeed... Today the chop is "Popular" and "Admin pick" :mrteeth:

Thanks to all!
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