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By IronChop
Posted May 04 2011, 12:08 PM · Tags:
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In addition to doing paid design work for clients, Autemo also run two major annual design competitions.

The biggest of these is the World Team Battle which pits around 300 artists in teams against other teams and they spend up to 100+ hours combined to come up with their awesome creations.

The second major annual competition is the Autemo Championship, which is an individual competition. In 2010 so far we've got more than 60 participants in rounds 1-6, and seeing some of the spectacular entries in round 6 we thought these guys do deserve some additional recognition. What better way to recognize the efforts than to put up a special blog post for the results of the individual championship, and share the awesome images with the world?

Top 10

The current top 10 in the Autemo Individual Champiomship of 2011 stands as follows after round 6:

(Pos. - Username - Leaderboard Points)

1st - 17499328.jpg hugosilva - 245 points
2nd - 18583753.jpg RAS-Tuner - 150 points
3rd - 16384015.png Cop - 149 points
4th - 10980819.jpg rc82-workchop - 139 points
5th - 19895444.jpg Tomica - 131 points
6th - 15310405.jpg rich - 118 points
7th - 16466204.jpg Lilja - 80 points
8th - 11296011.gif Zykotec - 66 points
9th - 10140664.png SzR - 65 points
10th - 10600687.png rap - 64 points

This was the task specification for Round 6:

Here's your base image, a nice shiny Rx7. Some of our past bases have caused controversy over whether the car is actually liked or not, however I can rest assured that this iconic piece of machinery gently nudges the soft spot of our members. Choose whether you turn it into a drift monster, a drag strip beast or just a show car. How about a time attack track maniac? Wow, that rhymed pretty nicely.


Round 6 Results - Top 15 artworks

However, I realize that what's more interesting than the base image are the images that the artists created, so here are the top 15 creations from round 6 in the order of placement.

1st17499328.jpg hugosilva
2nd11124262.jpg -xanforce-
3rd13559319.jpg pluum
4th18583753.jpg RAS-Tuner
5th16384015.png Cop
6th19895444.jpg Tomica
7th10980819.jpg rc82-workchop
8th15310405.jpg rich
9th19873309.jpg andre16vag
10th16301283.gif Kukenukas
11th17130911.jpg marko_0811
12th18148277.jpg ilPoli
13th12077434.png Martin
14th11296011.gif Zykotec
15th15031588.jpg francescof91