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By IronChop
Posted Apr 16 2011, 02:53 AM · Tags: WTB 2011
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The 2011 World Team Battle continues! Round 2 is over, and the entries are up and once again the quality has been outstanding. Of the 67 teams that progressed to this round, the resulting entries can be seen in the YouTube video below, or you can also check out the Facebook album for higher resolution viewing pleasures.

The 67 teams remaining had fully free reins to do whatever they wanted with the starting image of a Mazda 3 MPS. Although we did casually hint at maybe looking towards what a fully modded MPS would look like in 2015 that's wasn't a full requirement.

We do hope however, that Mazda and their after-market strategy does get influenced by some of the awesome work the Autemo World Team Battle teams have done! Overly optimistic? Maybe, but we can hope this is the case because there are indeed some stunning works.

World Team Battle Round 2 YouTube Video by ATC-Design: