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Global Chopping Community

Jump into the community and share your work with other choppers. Rate and review each others chops, battle it out in competitions, join in on discussions in the forums, write on each others portfolio walls and more.. Soon we'll have a global ranking system so you can see how you compare with every other chopper out there.

Championships, World Team Battles and Competitions

World Team Battles, 2010 Autemo Championship, 1 versus 1.. They are some of the various comp formats that can be found right here. And you can follow the Leaderboards to keep track of all the scores too. So if you're battling it out in multi-round tournaments you can see exactly where you're placed and how many points you've earned.


When you become a chopper you get access to the greatest chopping resource on the net. And you get access to all the material for free. You can upload and share your own images with other choppers too. Sort through the donor and base images not only by make and model, but by color, angle and resolution too. It makes things much easier than trying to keep such a vast collection organised on your harddrive. And this is just the beginning.


Get your own Automotive profile online. What's best about it is that it means you can upload and keep all of your work together in one place. You can customize it to look the way you want. Add your friends, and visit and write on their profiles too.

Client Projects

If you advance to Professional Chopper you can do chops and get paid. We'll hook you up with car owners who want to get their cars virtually modified. Chances are that if they like your work enough, then they may actually do the mods in real life!

Now you've seen and heard about the great features we've got in store.

You're just a few clicks away from experiencing a new era in the world of virtual tuning. So what are you waiting for?!

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Built by choppers for choppers

The team behind are all choppers, just like you. You may even recognise us: MK211, IronChop, Glacius, JackDarton, Nicklas, BCS, X-Raited & J_Hui,. We're passionate about Digital art and modifying cars and that's why we built Autemo.

Autemo has some impressive features. What's next?

We have a whole host of extra features (that we couldn't quite fit into the beta) but are still eager to build into Autemo. These are totally new ideas that we'll be the first to introduce into the global chopping scene. Stay tuned!

Perhaps you have a suggestion and want to be heard? We're listening!