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I have been in love with cars for as long as I can remember. I have owned a few Camaros and Mustangs over the years as well as a Toyota Supra that I loved. I've had big plans for customizing almost every car I've owned, but never really got much done. Most of the money that I would have spent on them went to support my racing addiction.

I found out about Photochopping a few years ago while on a RC car site. One of the members posted a link to streetfire and was showing some of the cool chops they had there. I was hooked immediately, and since I already had the photoimpact (not PS) software I jumped right in. It was the perfect thing for me, I could now own a stable of custom cars without having a Jay Leno sized budget.

My early stuff was pretty rough as, I think, most people's early works are. But with time and practice I am getting better.I have had some training n more formal forms of art, but I am still relativity new to digital artwork. I have found that I am much better at rendering an image than I am at modifying an existing image. I suppose it's resistance to change and the whole getting old thing...regardless of cause, I have become determined to overcome this and master this art.


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