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I'm a car enthusiast which have built and designed couple of my BMW show cars. I am part of the Southern California car crew ART-N-MOTION. My personal project cars have been featured in national and international print and online media.

I'm a Comic Book artist by trade. Here are some of the titles I've worked on in the past:
-Marvel Comics (X-Men, Spiderman, Iron Man, Hulk, etc.)
-DC Comics (Superman, Supergirl, Wonder Woman)
-Image Comics (Tomb Raider, Fathom, Gen13, etc)

I'm also an Automotive Artist and Consultant specializing in the following design work.
-Speculative Renderings
-Body Kit designs
-Livery / Graphics designs
-Concept Auto designs
-Ad and poster designs

Here are some of the highlights of my design work:
-Winner of the Modified Magazine Nissan GT-R Design Challenge
-Winner of the Privat/VWVortex Design Challenge
-Winner of the Eurotuner/Turner Motorsport BMW E90 Livery Design Contest
-Winner of the "Skin-a-Scion" contest by DeviantArt and Scion
-Winner of the 2008 AutoBlackthrough Champion for the Holden Muscle 350 design concept
-Winner of the 2008 SEMA Scion Tuner Challenge with body kit design for John Pangilinan's tC
-Winner of the "Dream, Design, Drive" design challenge by MSN Autos and Dodge

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