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Iacoski is obviously not my real name. It's my nick-name which I use on the internet and with which I sign all my works. My real name is Jacek Kolodziejczyk I'm 28 years old and I sold my soul to the automotive graphics;)

It all started because of my passion for computer graphics and car tuning. For over 6 years I've been occupying myself with digital editing of the automotive photos, visualizating own concept cars and designing all other automotive-oriented dtp materials.

After many years of photochopping „just for fun” I’ve decided to start treat it real seriously. IACOSKI DESIGN is now a 1-person company cooperating with one of the biggest european bodykit producers, providing high quality styling and designing services. Cars are my great passion and thanks to my long experience, tuning-trends knowledge and skills, automotive graphics signed by IACOSKI DESIGN is very highly valued.

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